There are many ways with the help of that you can download movies, videos and songs on Android and the best way to download this types of files are using torrent. Torrent is a small file that has information about your torrent program and contain locations of your files that hosted on different servers. Torrent break any file into many pieces, and send it over the internet and on other side torrent client collect the information from pieces and start downloading them. The good thing about torrents is that they are part of a ‘peer-to-peer’ network means if you have a torrent app running you can offer to keep a torrent up for people to download. There are many apps available in the play store, but we choose 5 best torrent app for Android.

5 Best torrent app for Android
To download torrent files, you need to download torrent app and ‘.torrent’ file which you can download from any website. Download torrent with more seeds for faster download. With these apps, you can download any file, stop the download at ay point, resume your download, remove and delete the file recheck the download, or move the file from the current directory. Here is the 5 Best torrent app for Android phones –

1) tTorrent: – tTorrent is one of the best torrent app for Android. tTorrent is a torrent client that let you download torrent files at unlimited speed, and you have the option to save that file to your sd card. You have the option to download files over wifi only or any network, download several files at the same time, or download one file from a torrent that contains several or you can schedule your download. You can download the file by clicking the magnet link, adding torrent or you can use its integrated search engine but for that you have to add an addon transdroid app.

Best torrent app for Android   Ttorrent for android   tTorrent for android

Download: – tTorrent Lite

Download: – tTorrent Pro

2) Flud: – Flud is simple, beautiful and material designed torrent app in play store. You can choose between light or dark themes from setting. Flud UI is similar to tTorrent but with little better UI. With flud, you can download torrent, scheduled your file and you can add it to a queue. Flud also has an option to use only wifi network and save a file to sd card. You can set battery limits, auto shutdown when Complete and an option to download only when changing.

Flud torrent app  Best torrent app for Android   Flud for android

Download: -Flud

Download: -Flud (ad free)

3) BitTorrent: – BitTorrent is best and most popular torrent client for desktop, and now it is also available for Android. You can download and stream your video or music files within the app. You can play music files, shuffle it and add it to queue also it has an option to subscribe it to RSS feed. The free version of this app has limited features if you want to use full functionality you have to buy pro version.

BitTorrent for android   BitTorrent android app  BitTorrent android app

Download: – BitTorrent

Download: –  BitTorrent Pro

4) zetaTorrent: – zetaTorrent is a powerful, simple and most featured torrent download app for Android. This app has a built-in browser to browse and download torrent files directly. This app contains file manager, an option of wifi transfer, lock app and auto shutdown. This app suppress all torrent apps regarding features and most importantly it doesn’t have any ad support. Surely this is one of the best torrent app for Android.

ZetaTorrent for android   ZetaTorrent android app   ZetaTorrent

Download: – ZetaTorrent

Download: – ZetaTorrent Pro

5) uTorrent: – uTorrent is simple, and light weighted torrent app for Android. It is quite similar to bitTorrent regarding look and features. It allows you to download megnet links, save a file to sd card and also has built-in streaming option. The app enables us to download any file at the maximum speed.

uTorrent for android  uTorrent for android   uTorrent

Download: – uTorrent

Download: – uTorrent Pro

So this is the list of 5 Best Torrent App for Android. Let us know your favourite torrent app by commenting below.


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