Thinking about college, you presume that there are hours upon hours in the library and sacks full of heavy tomes. With modern technology though, this notion became dated. You can study without lugging all the heavy books and notebooks around. There are different apps and resources you can look up online to study easily and with fun!

However, what are the different apps and resources you can download for studying? There are so many, I know how confusing it can get. Instead of spending most of your time trying to find the resources to study, install these apps within minutes! Now you can spend your energy on actual studying rather than preparing your notes and looking for resources:

10 Best Apps and Resources for Students

1. PaperDueNow

I know that some of us don’t have enough time to work on our term papers, and are tempted to look for essays for sale online. It can save a lot of time, especially when it isn’t a major subject you’re working on. Still, the best option you can have is to have an essay custom made according to your prompt, which is also possible.

2. Todoist Premium

Millions of students use Todoist to organize their college life. You’re able to put in ANYTHING to organize, and not just your notes or exams timetable. Add in all the events you partake, assignment deadlines, your shopping list, and even movies you want to watch!

3. My Study Life

If you’re looking for something to help organize all your classes, exams, and assignments, then I recommend My Study Life. You can sync all your data across various devices and work on it offline, too! It’s really great when organizing all things school-related.

4. XMind

XMind is made for iOS users and is one of the best in terms of increasing your efficiency. It can help you clear your thoughts, capture ideas and even manage complex information with the use of charts! It’s recommended for those who want to improve their thinking processes and studying techniques for maximum efficiency.

5. MyScript Calculator

For everyone who lives in the digital age but wants to feel like writing with pen and paper, there is MyScript. You can solve math equations by hand on your device, making it easier to remember you’re equations through motor memory. You can use it for simple to very complex problems!

6. Dragon Anywhere

Are you the type who loves to speak their thoughts out loud when studying or generating ideas? You’ll be able to record your voice (or your teacher’s lecture) and have it transcribed with hardly any issues or errors. You can edit the documents afterward, too! An excellent option for those who aren’t keen on note-taking.

7. SimpleMind Pro

This app is similar to XMind, offering unique and nice layouts that help you create mind maps. Yet this time, you can add media to your mind maps, making it much more efficient for your studying, since there are some many excellent educational videos from TED Talks, National Geographic, and other top creators.

8. Flashcards+

This is an absolutely free app which allows you to create flashcards on your device! You can add your own images or choose from many ready-made flashcards to make it even more fun to study for your test. Great for visual learners or anyone who likes to revise with fun.

9. Evernote

College notes are EVERYTHING or you won’t be able to study for any of your exams! With Evernote, you can organize all your notes in one place, enhancing your notes with images, videos, weblinks and audio files. You can sync notes from different devices to share what you have with classmates.

10. Scanner Pro

You can now make your device a portable scanner, so you won’t have to run to the nearest library to check that book you’ve seen on the subject. With Scanner Pro, you can scan specific pages to study on later and send it to any other device, or save it in the Evernote app.

Wrapping It Up

While cardboard flashcards and crisp pages of notes can help people with their studies, it’s just too much of a hassle for some. Now that there are effective apps and resources online, you won’t have much of the trouble in studying anymore.

Hopefully, this list on the ten best apps and resources for students helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and install any of these useful apps and start studying wisely.

Do you have any questions or want to share other apps for learning? Share your suggestions and experiences below, I would love to hear what you have to think!


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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