There are many ways to customize your Android phone from changing your phone theme, changing home screen and lockscreen wallpapers, changing ringtones or fonts, to changing your phone appearance by changing launcher or by adding widgets. And the most beautiful thing of Android is that you can also change the stock icons of you phone. Changing your icon pack bring a whole new look to your UI, which makes your phone looks beautiful. There are many best icon packs for Android available in the play store, but we list ten of our favorites one. For changing an icon pack, there is a requirement that you need to install a third-party launcher that supports icon packs. Besides the stock launcher, almost every launcher support that features. So here are the ten best icon packs for Android phones (5 free icon packs and 5 paid icon packs).

Best icon packs for android

1) Marvak icon pack – Marvak icon pack is one of the best icon packs for Android and my personal favorite also. Currently, there are 1845+ HD icons included in this icon pack, and there are also many beautiful UHD cloud-based wallpapers included in the app dashboard. Marvak is circular icons with beautifully textured masking. You should definitely try this beautiful icon pack.

                                          Marvak icon pack for android              Marvak icon pack for android
2) Refocus icon pack – Refocus is a beautiful handcrafted icon pack with over 1150+ uniquely designed icons which also includes cloud-based HD wallpapers and support icon masking. All the icon has 512×512 dimensions and then resized to 192×192 to maintain the quality. This icon pack brings awesomeness to your homescreen.

Refocus icon pack for android
3) Elun icon pack – Elun has great icons to add extra personalization to a different level. Simplicity at its best with this clean and simple circular icon pack. It contains more than 3,340 HD themed icons inside this pack, and also includes 31 HD wallpapers, icon masking feature, Multi-launcher support and Muzei and dynamic Calender support.

Elun icon pack for android
4) Mador icon pack – Mador is a dark and minimalistic icon pack with over 3,340+ HD Icons which looks incredibly crisp.This icon pack also includes 36 wallpapers, icon masking feature, Muzei and dynamic Calender support and regular updates. Dark background contrast against neon makes this one of the best icon packs for Android.

Mador icon pack for android
5) Vibe icon pack – Vibe is a bright and colorful flat icon pack with a 3D perspective. It has nearly 1900 icons with dynamic Calender support. It looks elegant and clean on the phone with a combination of beautiful wallpaper which includes in the icon pack. This is one of the best icon packs with vibrant color and clean design.

                                                 Vibe icon pack for android              Vibe icon pack for android

1) Moonshine icon pack – Moonshine is an irregular flat and material designed icon pack. It currently includes more than 1000 themed icons and 28 homemade wallpapers. This is one of the best free icon packs for Android.

Moonshine icon pack for android
2) Min icon pack – Min is a small, simple and minimalistic icon pack. It is designed to be small and remove the masking to make icon monochrome. It works with many launchers like Nova, Apex, ADW, Action, Aviate and many more.

                                            Min icon pack for android                   Min icon pack for android
3) Zolo icon pack – Zolo is a minimal flat style icon pack which includes 40+ cloud based wallpaper. These are very clean and well-deigned icon which looks beautiful on your homescreen. This makes this one of the best icon packs on the Play Store.

Zolo icon pack for android
4) GEL icon pack – Gel is a semi-transparent minimal icon pack with a beautiful 1400+ HD icons. This app has muzei and dynamic calendar support and also includes clock widget. White design with some transparency makes this icon pack impressive.

Gel icon pack for android
5) Long Shadow Icon Pack – As the name says this icon comes with a minimalist design that comes with long shadow on icons. These are bright and great looking icons with bold colors. It contains 1500+ icons and also supports icon masking for non-themed icons. This is surely one of the best icon packs for Android.

Long shadow icon pack for android

So if you are looking for some customization, you can surely look into these. These are the best icon packs for Android both free and paid. You can also tell us your favorite one by comment below.


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