It’s no surprise that strategy games are so popular. After all, only this type of gaming entertainment allows you to control entire universes. Only by playing these types of games can you be almost like God and get a fun experience to play. Strategy is one of the key game genres of gaming. It is difficult to name the best strategies on the PC because everyone is looking for something of their own in them. You can play alone or have an epic mind battle with your friends.

Among these games, there are real game masterpieces, which are outstanding game series. Gametop has a big selection of strategic games. We analyzed them all, to bring you only gems with high quality game play. The good news is you can download Gametop games for free!

Rail Nation

This game is made for train fans. The famous multiplayer strategy game in which you can create your railway empire! Learn the latest technologies, build railway lines, buy new trains and play as a team to lead your city to prosperity and victory! You will get through the history of trains and learn more about them. Think ahead, and make decisions. Train routes and prices for the delivery of goods are calculated in real-time. The more effectively you plan your routes and paths, the faster you can climb to the top of leadership. Strategic skills are important here. Download this game for free now on Gametop and have fun.

Sudden Strike 2

During World War II, take command of German, Russian, British, American, and Imperial Japanese armies on battlefields around the world. Sudden Strike 2 expands on every aspect of the classic RTS game with new units, maps, and epic campaigns, as well as overhauled multiplayer modes. 5 epic gameplay campaigns, massive battleships, landing ships and trains, command airfields, and aircraft deployment. The game features a dynamic weather system, so try to win a battle in pouring rain or beautiful sunlight.

Roads of Rome: New Generation 2

The sequel to a classical strategy game.

For many years, Rome flourished in peace and serenity. But dark shadows of the past have risen on the far frontiers. The young leader of the Vikings invaded the lands of the empire to avenge his father. The matured son of General Victorious, Marcus, is sent at the head of the army towards danger. Frustrated by the fact that she will not take part in the battle, Valeria seeks to prove that she, too, is capable of benefiting the people of the empire. Build, think, create and have fun!


If you are looking for a battle, skirmishes, sieges, and other medieval fun, then it’s time to remember your skills as a commander!

You will enjoy 45 unforgettable and diverse levels that differ in combat missions, landscapes, and starting resources at your disposal. Starting with one castle, you need to defeat all the opponents on the map, while the strategy and tactics of war in this game are equally highly valued. Each level can be completed several times, increasing the difficulty and getting more and more magic crystals for this, which can be spent on improving the characteristics of your troops. In addition, you will have at your disposal powerful artifacts that can bring a lot of trouble to the enemy. Get all of this on Gametop.

Toy Defense 2

In our opinion tower defense is the most fun strategy sub-genre. Toy Defense 2 is an addictive tower defense game. Take part in high-profile battles, command real military equipment from the middle of the last century, and hone your strategic skills in the heat of battle.

Do you think it will be easy? Are you sure the enemy is weaker than you? Either way, you’ll need many tactics to defeat the enemy. Dynamic PvP battles and struggles in different corners of the world will make you an experienced strategist and provide combat training. Skill in tournaments will lead you straight to the top of the rankings. Reflect attacks, destroy enemies and lead your army to victory!

Bug Bits

A series of exciting adventures await you in the picturesque corners of flowering meadows, shady forests, and sun-dried desserts. By managing colonies of industrious ants and bees, you help them get food and resist hordes of carnivorous invaders. With each level, you will learn new secrets of the world of insects, full of vivid impressions, exciting battles, and victories! Play a free strategy game now on Gametop!

Island Tribe

Somewhere far far far away in the ocean, on a small island, cheerful people lived carelessly and happily. And everything seemed like it was heaven on Earth. Until one day the volcano woke up, after sleeping for three thousand years, and practically destroyed the tribe. The poor islanders had no choice but to flee to another part of the island, through the impenetrable jungle, high mountains, and swamps, to the ocean in the hope of being saved from the elements! You will get a lot of adventures, an exciting journey in search of the promised land, entertaining mini-games, and many levels.

Martian Transporter

Strategy race? Yes! Compete with drivers delivering cargo across the vast expanses of Mars. The more orders, the more opportunities: upgrade the truck, expand the fleet, explore production facilities. Earn money by buying and selling goods, completing tasks, and hiring staff. Lead the list of the largest Martian transport companies!

Space Trader

Space trader is an intriguing mix of first-person shooter and economic simulation to develop your colony. In a fictional universe of the future, survival will require you to use your wits and demonstrate your trading skills. Get this game for free now and have fun!

Ancient Rome

Have you ever dreamed of seeing Ancient Rome in all its splendor and splendor? Your dream has come true! In Ancient Rome you have to build and manage the settlements of the Roman Empire. Start with the provinces and gradually get to the great metropolis. Show your talent and become the favorite of Caesar himself!

We hope we helped you in choosing your strategy game. Enjoy the experience. If you are looking for something else, you can always find it on Gametop.


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