You are surrounded by a lot of noise as you go about the hustle and bustle of the city. Silence is indeed golden, and this is what you want to achieve, by retreating into your quiet space at the end of your day. Want a quieter, more peaceful life? The solutions presented in this guide will help any urban dweller find some peace and quiet amongst the bustling of the city.

You can soundproof ANY room, car, and much more if you try these methods and amazing household gadgets. Drywall is the best way to soundproof your wall, especially if you are in an apartment and share a wall with noisy neighbors. You may also seal the gaps that allow music into your house with acoustic caulk.

This is a cheap and reliable remedy to block out the noise that gets into your house via gaps.  Nowadays, when a lot of people work from home it’s as important as ever. When you are doing such work as custom thesis, you need to stay focused. Unlike regular caulk, acoustic caulk stays flexible, lasts longer, staying shiny and does not crack. Fabric panels are acoustic foam products, which can hang easily on walls because they have a wooden back.

For extra convenience, you can get standing fabric panels. Acoustic foam tiles are another type of foam product, and they are textured pieces of foam that are square-shaped. These can be glued to your walls or ceiling.

Soundproofing a Gaming Room

You may want to soundproof your room if you live in an area with high noise pollution. When you are gaming, you want no distractions from elsewhere to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. You may also want to have the noise confined to your gaming room so as not to make noise for others.

To minimize the noise from outside, you can convert a small closet into a gaming booth. Having a large room with minimal soft items creates bad acoustics. You can also look for a silent gaming keyboard to mute your typing.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets serve the purpose of protecting furniture when moving, and they are soundproof. You can nail it tape these blankets to your wall. They provide extra mass and soundproof your space.

If need be, you can block sounds that pass through the doors and windows.

10 Household Gadgets That Will Help You Enjoy Soundproof Living

In some cases, you may have taken the measures to soundproof your home but will still need handy gadgets to block noise and enjoy some peace and quiet. Although there is The Clean Air Act, reporting noise pollution to authorities may not be helpful so you would need useful gadgets. Here are some household gadgets that will give you more peace and quiet.

1. Sound- Stopping Sleep Masks

To enjoy uninterrupted sleep, get these masks, which help you by blocking light and eliminating noise disturbances. They are comfortable, and you can sleep in whichever position when you have them on. You will sleep soundly and wake up happy.

2. Noise-Silencing Stickers

Noise finds gaps to pass through, even through windows. You may be enjoying the views your window shows but do not appreciate all the noise coming in. These stickers block out all the city noise.

3. Phone Silencers

There may be moments in which you need some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, some apps or sounds may not be silenced when you put your phone in silent mode. Such gadgets ensure that you avoid such phone interruptions.

4. TV Silencer

You have probably had an experience whereby you are watching your favorite show or the news, and then loud adverts are played. In most circumstances, you stumble as you look for your remote and fumble as you look for the mute button. An easy gadget to silence ads is a TV silencer.

Just a press on it and the sound goes mute.

5. Silent Alarm Clocks

Say goodbye to rude and loud awakenings. Some alarm clocks have been innovated to give you a silent buzz on a wrist you wear. This is a more polite wake-up call.

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6. Musical Noise-Converters

You are probably surrounded by a lot of noise- chatter, doors banging, and the sirens of police cars and ambulances, just to mention a few. You can turn and tune the bad noise that surrounds you into musical beats by having this gadget. You can also adjust the tempo of the music.

7. Sound-Canceling Tray

This is an electronic device, which can serve different purposes. The main purpose is blocking out unwanted noise. It is also as a surface on which you can put your iPhone or iPod while charging it via induction.

8. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Music can be a means to get some peace and to calm you down. The noise from other sources is not welcome if you want to de-stress. To enjoy your music in peace, you can get one of these top noise-cancelling headphones under $100.

9. Speech-Jamming Gun

This is sound-silencing weaponry, which is designed to make your chatty neighbors keep quiet. The noise that they make is echoed back to them with a few second’s delays. This will probably give them a taste, or sound, of what you experience, and they may then keep it quiet.

10. Sound-Blocking Devices

Get yourself the sound-blocking device. Some sound systems can help you block out noises that penetrate your home. A well-known and trusted brand is the Sono sound-blocking system.

Soundproofing Your Car

To enjoy a peaceful ride, you can consider buying silent windshield wipers and buy good oil additives to avoid having a noisy engine. Sound-deadening mats are another option to block all the noise your car creates as it moves you around. You can also place the noise-silencing stickers on your car windows.

All these gadgets and efforts will ultimately give you peace and avoid noise-induced hearing loss.

Also, if you sustained noise-induced hearing loss due to a faulty product or other injuries due to a faulty product, consulting a pre-settlement funding company can help you get cash fast while awaiting the outcome of your trial.

Use These Household Gadgets to Keep Your Home Quest

This solution may make your life much easier. Peace and quiet cannot be bought. However, with these household gadgets, you can keep your peace and quiet.

However, security and peace aren’t always linked. Having peace and quiet can’t erase the security threats that plague an urban landscape. After all, city life is not only boisterous, but dangerous at times.

But there are a few ways in which you can improve your security while keeping the peace and quiet you’ve worked hard for. For example, you can hook up silent alarms inside of your house which will alert authorities when tripped.

Also, security cameras are much cheaper nowadays and don’t cause any unnecessary noise. I have a few hooked up and recommend them 100%.

Lastly, you’ll want to secure your network. You can do so by encrypting your network with a VPN or using an anti-virus to keep your devices safe from any network-borne virus or malware.


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