The Millennials are slowly but surely being phased out, and Generation Z is now starting to take their place as the ones with all the buying power. To ensure that your business isn’t crippled by this generational switch, it’s high time you started considering all the ways you are going to appeal to these new kids on the block.

Unfortunately, marketing to Generation Z isn’t going to be straightforward. You’re not going to be able to pull the wool over their eyes easily. Oh, and they’re digital natives, so you won’t be able to win them over with half-hearted digital marketing campaigns either!

Fear not, however, as appealing to this tough but fruitful generation isn’t impossible. Here are two ways to market to Generation Z. 

Be in their line of vision on the web

Generation Z has grown up blissfully unaware that there was once a world in which the internet did not exist, which means they want and expect to be able to find everything via the web. If you’re to stand a chance of appealing to this digitally-inclined audience, then you must resolve to take your advertising endeavors online. Why? Because if you aren’t in their line of vision, how can you expect them to even know that your business exists?

Having grown up with it, quite literally, at their fingertips since their formative years, Gen Z knows a thing or two about the internet. You’re going to have to go above and beyond, then, if you’re to impress them with your digital marketing campaigns. Partnering up with a professional such as Eventige SMM agency is a good way to kick off your attempt to market to Gen Z online. With them by your side and handling your social media marketing campaigns for you, you wouldn’t have to worry about your Twitter and Instagram pages not engaging with the young audience that you are targeting. They would post the right content on the right platform at the right time in an attempt to ensure that your business resonates with Gen Z.

Align yourself with their values

As touched upon, having grown up saturated in the media and only a few clicks away from the latest news story, Generation Z is incredibly ‘woke’. They know what they value, and it’s going to take a lot of persuading to make them change their opinions.

Don’t berate them for their choices or try to make them change their ways — embrace the fact that Gen Z is so steadfast when it comes to their principles, and actually align your marketing campaigns with these values.

Three of these values include:

  • Pragmatism (which sits in stark comparison to the idealistic values of the Millennials)
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Eco-friendliness

Do you want to set your business up for a decade’s worth of custom? If so, you need to start appealing to the customer base that is currently taking a hold of the world’s buying power: Generation Z. Take the above advice, and your marketing campaigns will be reinstating with them in no time.


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