SEO is always evolving. In 2021, you need to stay up to date with the strategies and tactics that will help you dominate in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Like any marketer, Google now focuses on the needs of its searchers. As such, Google has enhanced its technology to ensure that they produce relevant results. Here are some 2021 SEO tips that you can fix today to help you manage your SEO efforts.


  • Voice Search. Over the last few years, users have changed the way they search for information. If you have not worked on voice search optimization, now is the time to fix it. With several households connecting to smart speakers, voice search will affect search queries in 2021. Ensure you choose your keywords wisely and create persona-based content. Also, create web pages that answer Frequently Asked Questions. Remember that searchers often ask questions beginning with words like “what” and “how.” Voice search optimization will improve your user experience.


  • Mobile Optimization. Good marketers always ensure that searchers can find their content with ease. In 2021, almost everybody uses their mobile phones to search for content. A mobile-friendly website will help you rank high on search engines. Mobile-friendly updates by Google will result in a significant change in ranking.


  • User and Search Intent. While this may sound like an old strategy, it is crucial to refocus on the user and search content. Searchers’ intent and behavior change all the time, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. You can benefit from this strategy if you understand why people search for something and provide the answers they are looking for. Ensure you focus more on what is happening within the SERPs/searcher intent instead of sticking with the traditional practices.


  • Automation. If you look at 2020, there was an increase in the number of SEO tasks that one could automate (for instance, the generation of structured data). As such, expect the possibilities of 2021 to be mind-blowing. The quality and quantity of AI-generated content will increase. The creation of more scalable solutions for optimization utilizing automation is among the most significant trends in 2021. Visit Zero Gravity Marketing to get help on how you can automate your website.


  • Image Optimization. If you have not optimized your website’s image, it is time to do so. Always use high-quality images relevant to your content and an ideal label for your image file. Remember to include images to your sitemap to make it easier for spider crawl. Using alt tags will also help crawlers to classify your images easily. If an image fails to upload on a screen, the webpage displays the alt-text. Google also uses the alt-text to understand the content of your images. A website with well-optimized images will enhance your ranking and user agreement. Optimizing your images will also enable your webpage to show in the image carousels on search engines.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition in 2021, use these SEO strategies and techniques.


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