Phones have become a lot smarter over the past decade. However, despite how powerful and useful they can be, like any technology, they are still prone to numerous faults and problems. Unless you have insurance, repairing a smartphone can cost a significant amount of money. However, did you know there are some repairs you can do yourself? 

Here, you’ll discover 3 common phone repairs anyone can do without the need for expert knowledge.

  1. Phone charging issues

Charging issues are definitely one of the most common and frustrating phone problems you can face. However, before you replace your charger, it’s worth seeing if the problem is simpler than you might think. 

Sometimes, the issue could be related to a dirty port. So, take a safety pin and gently use it to try and unclog the port. Blow on the end of the charger connector to free that of any dirt and debris too. Then, try and plug it in again and see if that helps. For many people, this simple solution fixes the problem.

  1. Broken screen

A slightly more complex common problem you can fix yourself is a broken screen. Now, the ease at which you can repair your screen will very much depend upon the type of smartphone you have. Some have a much more complicated design than others.

You’re going to need some tools for this repair job such a screwdriver, which you’ll easily find at an affordable cost from RS Components. If the display isn’t fused to the glass, you can purchase a replacement screen and fit it yourself. You’ll find a lot of videos online showing you how to correctly do this. 

  1. Start-up failure

Finally, another common phone problem is a complete failure for it to start. If you struggle to get your phone to switch on, or if it crashes frequently, you can carry out a hard reset. This isn’t something that’s freely advertised by phone manufacturers, but it’s surprisingly easy to do. Simply type in reset, followed by your phone model into Google, and you’ll be shown exactly how to reset your phone. 

As you can see, some of the most common problems you’ll face with your phone can sometimes be really easy to fix yourself. The above are just 3 of the most common fixable issues. Remember, before doing anything to your phone, make sure you’ve researched thoroughly, and you understand exactly what you’re doing.


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