Of course, it will depend on where you live, but the chances are you haven’t been out too much in the last 12 months. For those stuck inside for long periods of time, there are few distractions that don’t involve binge-watching shows on Netflix and other streaming services.

During 2020, both Netflix and YouTube reduced streaming quality due to unprecedented usage, and with the current crisis far from resolved, it means that we could face further periods in isolation.

If you feel you could be spending this time more constructively than watching the new releases, then here a few options that might mean you come out of this with a new skill or two under your belt.

#1 Learn a language

This is not just something to keep you amused but is useful in both your professional and personal lives. The internet has made pretty much every industry a global one, with multinational companies acquiring more assets each year. Multilingual goes hand in hand with multinational, with a second or even third language opening up all kinds of possibilities for relocation or promotion.

There are plenty of options for learning a new language from good old-fashioned audio courses to more immersive ones where you learn by watching videos of native speakers using real words and phrases you won’t find in the more formal courses.

#2 Become a cloud practitioner

With the uncertainties facing so many businesses, and the real possibility that there might not be jobs for many to go back to, retraining for an ‘in-demand’ profession could be the smartest move you can make. Many businesses have decided to remove the restrictions placed on them by the physical limitations of their IT services and have decided to go cloud-based.

The biggest and most-used platform is AWS, so a qualification as an AWS cloud practitioner is the best starting place to get a foothold in this industry, From there you can move onto more specialized roles as a developer, architect, or into security.

#3 Learn to cook

Having a busy career can mean that you are not paying as much attention to your wellbeing as you could do. Now you’re at home, it could be time to spend more time in the kitchen to learn some good habits to carry over into the time when life returns to something approaching normal.

Regardless of your dietary preferences or needs, or your skill level at the start, there are millions of YouTube videos and instructions on social media to get you started and perfect a signature dish and a few go-to meals that you can use to replace a takeaway or microwave meal. 

Along with sleep, food is one of the key elements to getting the best out of yourself, and a break from processed foods might give you that extra boost you need at the moment.

Final thoughts

As well as learning a new skill, the act of doing something productive during a time that is both physically and mentally draining can be a massive help. However, do not put yourself under pressure to achieve anything during these tough times and instead take action when you are ready.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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