Local SEO, when done the right way, can be of great advantage to your small, medium or large scale brick and mortar business. It can be quite tricky to set up a strategy to target a local market, so a lot of people often hit a psychological roadblock while trying to come up with something that works. 

If you have tried everything possible to bring up a functional local SEO strategy and things seem to not be working as expected, you might have been doing things the wrong way. 

5 Terrible SEO Techniques to Avoid

Getting SEO done by yourself in Singapore isn’t mission impossible. There are important factors to consider and complex steps to take, to give your local SEO that required boost it needs.

5 Key Factors that can Boost Local SEO

1) Put a Local Address on Your Website

Putting the residential address and other important details, like an active phone number and business email on your website’s Meta Description will help Google and prospects know the precise location of your business.

From a customer perspective, this can also help your business. Clients don’t want to spend all their time searching around on your site to see if your personal injury attorney office is near to them or not. They want to click on the address and get easy-to-follow instructions from Google or other navigation apps — quickly, clearly, and before they bounce to a competitor that does have it clearly linked on their site.

Google uses your website’s details to display it in nearby indexed lists when people search for terms related to the local services you render. You must put your local on your website.

2) Online Customer Reviews 

If you are looking to quickly boost your local SEO, the importance of accumulating online customer reviews can’t be overemphasized. 

According to studies, it is an undisputed fact that people are most likely to patronize a service that has positive reviews written about it online. If you have ever tried to book a hotel or try out a new restaurant, I am sure that you can relate to this. 

If you have not already done so, you might want to consider building your business or service’s online customer reviews. A few positive words written about your business can greatly boost your local SEO.

3) Social Media Presence

Rending quality local services and having a responsive website designed for your business are great things that help, but they won’t do too much for you if you do not have a traffic source. 

Your website works as an online storefront for people to check out what your business is all about, and to make purchases. For example, if you’re the owner of a law firm, you want to make sure your website is well-represented. You can do this by ranking a term like criminal defense lawyer in Google.

Most of the customers and prospects you want to feed with updates about your local business or services use social media. You can’t get these people to see your website or patronize you without putting in a little effort. 

When used effectively, social media can build substantial local traffic for your business.

4) Guest Posting / Blogger Outreach

Producing great content and publishing it on quality blogs is an assured way to deliver key mentions to your venture. It not only helps local SEO but it ensures you will gain maximum visibility with search engines in general. The only downside the guest posting and blogger outreach are that it is both times consuming and expensive. However, it is very effective and necessary. Be sure to use a quality service like iNet Ventures and you will be sure to see the results for your campaign – the service is designed for agencies allowing to mass patrol campaigns.

5) Render Quality Services and Give Discounts: 

The quality of the services you render will determine whether previously mentioned local SEO boosting techniques work for you or not. 

Consumers will only keep patronizing a business for the quality services, reliable customer services and prompt delivery of product or services. Make customers get the value for their money and they will keep coming.

Besides, give discounts to consumers from time to time; utilize the power of social media to alert prospects and customers about an upcoming or ongoing promo and offers. Temporary or one-time offers are known to be effective for boosting local SEO.

Local SEO is one imperative aspect of today’s online marketing for websites. To a great extent, it can help business owners to maximize the presence of their websites in their desired locations and develop their local business or services. 

Following the above-explained tips will help give your local SEO that boosts it deserves.


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