Whether we rent or own, our homes are our sanctuaries. We not only inhabit them with the people most precious to us, but we store all our meaningful possessions in them too. It’s a violative feeling when a stranger has entered your home without your knowledge or consent. 

Fortunately, the tech world has come to the rescue with options to suit most situations. The choices range from camera-type systems to deterrents and many more. It could be well worth the effort to take a look at various choices, such as monitoring services by Alarm Grid, among other options. 

Deterrent Options

Prevention is better than cure, as the old saying goes. Certainly, using gadgets that might deter burglars before they even enter the property seems like a winning choice. There are some interesting gadgets of this kind out there. 

There are cheap decoy cameras, for example, that can be installed on practically any even surface. These look exactly like the real deal, even when you’re up close. They come in a few basic shapes and colors that imitate the cameras we’re all used to seeing. 

Home Security Gadgets

Smart Cameras

If you’re looking to lay down a little more cash on your security efforts, then there are a few companies making new smart systems. These are cameras that can be placed on almost any spot around the home and which link directly to your phone. 

This way, not only are you able to record images on your motion-triggered cameras, but these images are routed in real-time to your mobile device. Additionally, the recordings are uploaded instantly to a cloud for retrieval later, should the need arise. 

Smart Locking Systems

There are a host of smart locking systems available now. Some of them adapt more traditional locking mechanisms, while others double-lock doors from the floor on the inside of the premises. 

The thing that makes them especially “smart” is the way they connect to your personal devices. You can set the locks to connect to specified devices by means of an app. When entering the property, you simply unlock the door via the app. 

This innovation means that locked doors cannot be picked in the traditional way since there’s no requirement for a physical key at all. There are also versions that respond to fingerprint or iris scanners, but these will tend to be very pricey still. 

Sirens and Monitors

The last batch of great new ideas for home safety are a blend of deterrence and surveillance. Some feature a motion sensor that triggers a siren so that your neighbors are aware that someone is in your residence. 

Others connect to the electronic devices in your home, such as the Alexa unit that has become popular for other uses. Using very sensitive microphones, these devices can monitor your home while you’re away. 

Whether they’re taking video or audio recordings, these gadgets all feature a kind of motion detection facility that allows them to initiate. The ones that also have sirens will have that added deterrent effect as well. 

Home Security Gadgets

Last Word

We all want to feel safe and sound when we’re home. We also want to feel secure in the knowledge that our valuable possessions aren’t being looted when we’re away. It makes a lot of sense to take at least minimal steps in this regard. 

From very cheap all the way to seriously expensive, these kinds of solutions have been with us for a long time. However, the advent of “smart” technological options has become a real game-changer on the crime prevention scene. 

Whatever form you prefer, they not only alert you that something is happening, but take high-quality recordings too. These are sent to you right away, as well as being stored for later reference. The criminal elements seem to have their work cut out for them now. 


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