Various Android apps can make life more efficient and convenient. They can help people to become productive and come up with innovative ways to organize their daily routines. 

We have easy access to many apps, so why not utilize the ones available on the Play Store and make everything more productive? However, not a lot of people have spare time to install dozens of apps and then try to figure out how to use them. That’s why we wanted to find simple and effective apps for you.

If your goal is to become more productive and have the right mindset to focus on tasks, here are five great Android apps for a great daily routine.

7 Minute Workout 

Self-improvement is a must in today’s busy work routine, and it comes with good health and great mental benefits. That’s why 7 Minute Workout might be a good choice for you. This is the top trending app for fitness and exercise. It can improve cardiac function and make you healthier. 

With this application, you can do an easy and quick-fit workout anytime and anywhere. Whether you are in the office or at home, 7 Minute Workout does the trick. Make it your first choice because it only takes 7 minutes to complete a workout, so it’s rather easy. This app will keep you and your mind productive. Once you start working out more, it will be easier for you to focus on daily tasks.

This application is often used on-the-go. It means that, more often than not, while using this application, a device will have to connect to public Wi-Fi. Connecting to an unsecured public network can be dangerous. It is recommended to use a VPN with this application to make it more secure. What is a VPN? A VPN is a useful tool that creates a secure connection and ensures that your data is safe. 


  • Notifications for daily workouts;
  • Voice guidance;
  • Adjustable rest time;
  • Google Fit support.


Widen your horizons with Duolingo! It’s a free language learning app designed by experts. Duolingo helps you to practice and prepare for real conversations in almost any language of your choice.

Learning other languages can give you access to in-depth hidden knowledge about their respective literature, culture, and trends. It can also help you to improve your level of understanding of a language you’re already familiar with or if you are a beginner.


  • Game-like lessons and fun characters help you build strong speaking, listening, and writing skills;
  • Track your daily progress;
  • Worldwide language community; 
  • Science-based teaching technology. 


Todoist is an Android app that is used by 25 million people to organize, plan, and collaborate on official projects or just simply to keep track of daily tasks. It allows users to manage their tasks throughout the day. Also, the app is very organized and has excellent design. Todoist will become your hub for getting everything organized!


  • Capture and organize tasks the moment they pop into your mind;
  • It provides reminders about task deadlines;
  • Prioritize your tasks with a priority level;
  • Integrate your tools like Gmail, Google Calendar;
  • Track your progress with personalized productivity trends;
  • Collaborate on projects by assigning tasks to others.


Evernote can tackle actionable items on the go. For example, you can share notes with useful information with anyone. Feel free to capture ideas when inspiration strikes and save them with Evernote. Also, it’s easy to use, so everyone can enjoy the benefits.


  • Capture ideas as searchable notes, checklist, memos;
  • Keep journals capturing the events and milestones of your daily life;
  • Use the camera to effortlessly scan paper documents;
  • Get organized; 
  • You can access it everywhere;
  • Make your to-do lists;
  • Go paperless in everyday life by scanning receipts; 
  • Plan and design your official meetings;
  • Track your previous lecture notes.


Need for Sleep! Productivity goes to waste if you are not sleeping well. If you have already organized your schedule but have irregular sleeping habits, then your efforts might be fruitless. Poor sleeping habits do not create a productive mind. 

Sleep Town is the best Android app to help you regularize your sleeping hours and start your journey towards success.


  • Set your bedtime challenge and a wake-up goal;
  • It motivates you towards healthy sleep;
  • Maintain regular sleep hours;
  • Wake up to a reward every day; 
  • View your sleep statistics; 
  • Apply special themes on holidays to decorate your sleep town.


Many Android apps can help people to stay organized and make everything easier to live more productively. Such applications, aimed at productivity, can contribute towards the success of a person. Utilizing these applications will allow anyone to take up good habits in daily life and be more productive.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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