There are all types of business models out there. Some are relatively new, while others have been around for decades or even centuries. However, whether your company sells something modern and cutting-edge, like a fitness wearable, or something more traditional, like apparel, creating an app for it will probably help your sales.

There are some companies that particularly need phone apps. Let’s check out some of those right now.

Real Estate Companies

If you own or operate a real estate company, you should look into app development for realtors. If you want inspiration, you can look at apps like:

  • Zillow
  • Redfin
  • Trulia

As you look at some of these examples, you should get an idea of what such an app should feature. Your possible customers should be able to go on your app and see the different homes that you have listed and that your company represents.

They should be able to see how much the homes cost, and they should be able to explore the surrounding neighborhoods to see what restaurants, stores, hospitals, etc., are there. They ought to be able to see the square footage, how many bedrooms and bathrooms each home has, and what other amenities come with it.

Your potential customers will also probably want a mortgage calculator feature to see if they can afford each home with their current salary. They might appreciate a crime detector that shows how safe each area is.

eCommerce Business Models

If you have an eCommerce business model, rather than some brick-and-mortar locations, you’ll probably want to create a company app. Without one, your customers can’t easily shop for your products on their smartphones while they’re on the go. Some eCommerce companies might sell things like:

  • Clothing
  • Food items
  • Kitchen supplies

Whatever it is you make, if you don’t have a smartphone app, and all you have is a website, your customers can still access it on their phones. The problem is that if you don’t design an app, the websites will probably not have the best phone functionality.

Many websites that work well when someone uses a laptop, desktop, or tablet don’t work as well if that person uses a smartphone instead. The site will not be as responsive or intuitive. That can frustrate a would-be customer and get them to go with one of your competitors.

Auction Sites

Maybe you’re running an auction site, like eBay. You know that people will want to use it at all hours because they might have an item they’re watching that ends at any moment.

These users need to be able to track that item’s auction when they’re on the go. Much the same as with eCommerce business models, you don’t just want a laptop or desktop-designed website that someone tries to use on their smartphone. Instead, you want someone to develop a smartphone app for both iPhone and Android models that works perfectly while an auction is in progress.

That way, the user can track their item and bid on it while they’re on public transportation, at work, at school, or anywhere else. They don’t want to miss out on that pair of vintage sneakers or sports collectible. They can do that with a well-designed, functional app.

Gaming Operations

Maybe you’re running a gaming site. If so, you need an app for that as well.

Much like auction sites, gamers like to track what’s happening in real-time. Maybe they just got a tip that a key player is out of a college basketball game. They feel like, based on the point spread, they have an edge now.

However, they might be on a bus heading home from work when the game’s about to start. They need an app so they can log on and place their luck before they get home.

Gaming is an opportunistic endeavor. If you don’t give your customers a chance to bet at any moment and in any situation, they won’t want to sign up with you.

Ride Shares

Perhaps you like the Uber business model, and you want to try something similar. Maybe you’re starting regionally to see if you can get some market penetration.

If you want people to contact your drivers, you need to make an app for them to use. They might be at home and use a desktop or laptop to call for a ride, but it’s much more likely they’ll be at a bar or some similar location. If so, they’ll need a phone app to use your service.   


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