About 65% of businesses say generating website traffic and quality leads are among their top marketing challenges. Without a well-thought-out online marketing strategy, you could struggle, too. Your ROI won’t improve if you’re not using cost-effective lead generation strategies.

Here are five digital marketing strategies you can use to grow your local small business.

With these tips, you can help more people find your brand online. Then, awareness and recognition will grow. Soon, you’ll become the talk of the town.

Start marketing and growing your business with these tips today. 

1. Content Creation

Consumers want to choose brands they can trust to offer the help or advice they need. Show consumers you’re a credible resource through content creation. The content you create can support other digital marketing strategies.

First, take the time to gather audience and keyword research. Determine what questions your customers are asking. Then, create content that provides shoppers with the answers they need.

Make sure to demonstrate your experience and expertise. You can become a credible, go-to resource for consumers in town.

Experiment with different forms of content, including blogs, infographics, videos, polls, and more. 

Then, review your website analytics to determine which posts help you generate the most traffic and leads.  

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) can improve your organic rankings on Google search pages. When someone searches for your offerings, your site could appear. Then, you can generate more website traffic, further boosting your rankings.

Search engine optimization can help you rank ahead of competitors online. You can boost your credibility and generate brand awareness.

Make sure to update your Google Business listing. Ask customers to post their reviews online to further improve your credibility. 

You’ll also need a link-building strategy to generate backlinks. You can start guest blogging to generate quality backlinks.

Otherwise, use this local link building guide to get started.

3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You can also use paid online marketing strategies like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to reach customers. Your digital ads can appear on search pages, websites, and social media platforms.

Use remarketing to appear in front of previous website visitors, too. 

4. Social Media Marketing

Reformat your blog posts and share them on social media. Social media marketing can expand your reach online. These digital marketing strategies can help you generate brand awareness and website traffic. 

5. Email Marketing

Keep your small business top of mind with consumers using email marketing. Email marketing has an ROI of 3,200%. You can send shoppers coupons, newsletters, or updates to draw people back to your website.

Add a lead magnet to your site to encourage subscriptions. For example, you can offer an exclusive eBook, coupon code, or freebie item. 

Growing Businesses: Use These Digital Marketing Strategies Today

These digital marketing strategies can help you reach more prospective customers online. As you draw more people to your site, you could generate more leads and sales. Start marketing with tips today!

Make sure to optimize your campaigns using your web analytics, too.

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