All businesses, no matter what industry they are in, need to make the most of the available technology. As it continues to improve and develop, there are several key pieces of tech that all businesses can benefit from having, but there are also those that are crucial to the running of the company. Without these five tech essentials, it would be almost impossible to keep your business going. 

Let’s explore exactly what these essential pieces of tech are. 

Computers and Laptops

Computers have been around for over 200 years now, and since the first mechanical computer was created, it has been through multiple development processes. While the design has been altered to be considerably smaller, the concept was always the same. A computer, or laptop, is designed to perform calculations and store data that will make tasks easier.  

A computer has become an integral part of a business because of this feature. Tasks that would have taken hours to write out by hand or calculate can now be done in minutes thanks to this tech. Whether you are using a computer for writing or designing a website or even just researching, it would be hard to imagine what life would be like without them, especially in business. 

WiFi router 

In this modern age, all businesses need to make the most of the internet. From running a website to updating social media, the 24-hour service is not just a great way to communicate with customers, but it is also becoming a great way to communicate with remote workers. As a result, this makes a WiFi router incredibly crucial for all businesses. You simply cannot complete all of your work without it. However, unlike a router in your home, this needs to be able to serve the entire office. You can do this by investing in a dd-wrt router, which is a flashed router that is not stock firmware and can perform better than normal routers. When comparing which dd-wrt router is the best, you need to look at: 

  • The speed
  • How easy it is to use 
  • Price 
  • Network storage


While most businesses are trying to become paperless, not all businesses are comfortable with storing all of their data online. There are many companies that would prefer to print off hard copies of essential paperwork, such as work contracts. Therefore, a printer is an essential component of a business in many ways. 

For reducing the expenses of office equipment like printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines it would be a rational decision to use a multifunctional printer which has combined functions of all the mentioned equipment. Compared to single functional office equipment those printers will not only save you money but also will be a great choice for small spaces. At the same time, the use of multifunctional printers will simplify the employee’s job as they will need to learn only one interface and would not put any effort into learning other equipment’s instructions.


Tech essentials don’t just refer to physical equipment for you to use. You also need to take advantage of the tools that can streamline your business as much as possible. Time is money, after all. With the right software in place, you are minimizing the risk of mistakes occurring, but it also keeps you organized. 

As we move into 2020, whether you are a startup or a fully-fledged business that has been running for the last 20 years, implementing new software could benefit your business more than you could imagine, so be sure to heed the above advice and find the right software for you. 


Similarly to software, a website is one of those tech essentials that all businesses should be making the most of. Reaching new customers and having that necessary growth can often only occur when there is a user-friendly website that advertises your services or products.  


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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