5K player is a free application that performs the four in one functions of the HD video player, AirPlay media streamer, music player and online video downloader. Being a UHD player, it can be used to play ultra high definition or UHD videos along with with Blu-ray videos, YouTube videos as well as HD Camcorder movies. Its inbuilt DLNA and AirPlay feature help one to stream videos and watch them on their Windows or Mac PC. It also allows one to download 4k 5k 8k UHD videos from various popular websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vevo, Myspace, for free.

Features of 5K player that makes it a popular UHD player

5k player offers a wide range of features that have contributed to its popularity as a UHD player. Let us discuss them.

5K player

Includes basic video player features

This program includes common video player features. One can enable subtitles and customize them by changing the font style, size and even the color of the subtitles as per their preference. It can automatically detect subtitles for any video and this detection feature can also be changed from settings. This program also allows one to take snapshots from a video which could further be saved in a directory. One can maintain a media library within the program from where one can get access to their preferred video and audio files.

Supports different types of file formats

As expected from any good media player, 5K player supports different formats of video files such as MKV, FLV, AVI, mp4, m2ts, and many others. The True Theater technology ensures that all the videos in different formats are played in the best quality available. It is designed and developed to improve the audio and video experience and even as a 4k video player, it can effortlessly play 4k, 5k, 8k UHD videos without any difficulties.

Online Radio Player

Internet radio has brought about a significant change in the ways to used to listen to radios and 5K player can no doubt be counted among one of the latest forms of internet radio player. One can either choose their preferred channels from the pre-set options or can manually enter the URL of the channel they want to listen to and the program will automatically start playing. The pre-set options include many popular channels such as Hotmix Radio, BBC sport, NBC and others.

5K player

Video downloader

Being a great UHD player, it also includes the features of a video downloader. To download a video, one is required to copy the URL of the web page, one wants to download the video from and paste it on the program. 5k player would download the video after analyzing the URL. By default, it downloads 1080p videos, but it can be changed from the settings. It supports downloading video from more than 300 websites including Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of social media. Its capability of downloading videos from various websites and that too in different resolutions makes it a popular choice as a video downloader.

Hardware acceleration

Unlike some video players that might experience difficulties in terms of playing high definition videos, 5K player does not face such problems. One can enable the hardware acceleration feature from the settings, thereby improving the video performance and making it a popular 4k video player. This hardware acceleration features help to reduce the load on CPU significantly and one can play larger video files on their computer without any difficulties.

DVD player

Originally DVDs are referred to external video players that are required to connect to televisions. However, the built-in DVD feature in 5K player allows one to run DVDs on their Windows or Mac computer. One can play DVDs either from an external disc or from a DVD image file. One can even unlock region-specific DVDs so that they can enjoy watching them irrespective of the region they are located in.

AirPlay Support

The in-built AirPlay feature in this UHD player can turn any computer, be it Windows or Mac into an AirPlay sender or receiver. It allows one to directly stream videos from their phone to the computer and vice versa.

Is it safe to use 5k player?

5k player can act as a great alternative to VLC media player with all its advanced features. One can download and enjoy high definition videos without installing any browser extensions, its AirPlay features allow streaming videos from mobile to computer, and it supports different formats of files and can act as a DVD player as well. All its features have made it a popular choice as a 4K video player.

As with many other modern technologies, people often wonder whether installing 5K player would be a safe option. To answer their doubts, experts believe that installing 5k player is undoubtedly a safe choice. As Google run various tests on different pages of the official website of 5k player, no malicious software has been detected during installation and no suspicious content was detected in their pages. As a result, the experts suggest that the safest way to download and install 5k player is from their official site.

How to use 5k player to play 4k videos?

To use this program as an efficient 4k video player, one is required to bring the following changes in their PC set up

Media player with 4k resolution

5K player is considered one of the best options in playing high definition videos for people who prefer to watch 4k resolution videos on their Windows or Mac computer. It plays 4k, 5k, and 8k videos, along with 4k DVDs. It also helps in saving videos with 4k resolution without any difficulties.

Display with 4k resolution

To get a 4k resolution set, in case of Mac, one requires a retina with 5k display or a Windows PC with 4k resolution monitor. After the proper setup, one just requires to drag and drop their preferred 4k videos to the video player and enjoy watching them.

All the advanced features and the tests run by Google ensures that 5K player is one of the safest and most popular 4k video player options.


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