These days, cyberspace is a minefield, and you shouldn’t be navigating it if you don’t know a few basic safeguards for your machine. Still, some people deliberately infect their laptops with viruses then sell them on at auction as art piece for millions. This won’t happen for you, so it’s important you take security seriously here!
Consequently, here are 6 best ways to prevent privacy and security vulnerabilities on your laptop.

Different logins, different passwords

When owning a laptop, people tend to relax on their security details because the machine is theirs alone. However, your login information should never be so easily guessable, nor should you use the same details across multiple sites. Obviously, if a hacker cracks one password of yours, they’ve then cracked them all, so it’s important to switch up your usernames and passwords on a regular basis. It’s probably best to assign them as random letters and numbers too, rather than words with personal meanings that can be guessed.

Avoid unwanted links

We’ve all accidentally clicked a link or two, but these days, these mistakes are becoming more and more costly. Unwanted advertisements and popups are constantly surfacing in spam emails, video sharing websites and more, and many of them contain malware viruses and other sinister software. Ultimately, some security rules are the same no matter what kind of machine you’re using, and avoiding unwanted links is one of them.

Data backups

When you own a laptop, you can trick yourself into thinking that everything in your machine is completely private. However, that’s clearly not the case, so it’s a good idea to backup your data. Companies like RS Components offer a great range of USB cables, so invest in some of their products so that your data can be transferred to other sources. This will minimise the damage and panic that typically comes with a cyberattack.

Carry out updates

If you’re a laptop user who likes to postpone system updates for as long as possible, try to change your ways. These improvements can sometimes be vital to the security and efficiency of your laptop, and if you put them off for too long, you can find that your machine doesn’t work as well as it should. It may also not be as protected as it otherwise would be, so when you get those notifications asking for permission to restart and update the machine, accept them!

Track your laptop

These days, there are numerous software’s and physical devices available that can track your laptop. It’s a simple case of installing and/or attaching them, and if you’re device is lost or stolen, you’ll have a constant feed to where your laptop can be found. After that, you or any relevant authorities only need to reach the location highlighted to set matters right.

Covers and cases

Sometimes, bad luck can strike without a virus, hacker or thief entering the mix. Many laptop users accidentally drop or bang their machine against a hard surface, and its game over from there. Consequently, you should invest in a laptop cover or case to keep your own device clean and protected. They’re affordable and easy to find, so why risk not having one?


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