Nobody wants to be dealing with a blocked drain in the home. A blocked drain can be unsightly, unhygienic and even cause damage as well as be a pain to resolve, which is why prevention is so important. So, how can you go about preventing a blocked drain? Read on for 6 tips to prevent blockages.

1) Know the Warning Signs

First, you should know the warning signs of a blocked drain. The most obvious is that water will pool and either take a while for water to drain or not drain completely, but you should also look out for unpleasant smells that come from the drains.

2) Avoid Misuse

One of the main reasons that drains get blocked is that people put things down the toilet or sink that they shouldn’t. A few of the more common items that can block drains include wipes, hair, condoms, feminine products, food waste and dirty nappies. This means that you should always dispose of items properly and avoid putting anything down the drains that could lead to a blockage.

3) Clean Regularly

It is worth getting into the habit of cleaning the drains on a regular basis, especially sink drains as these can often suffer from a fat build-up from food waste. A great tip is to put a handful of baking soda in the drain followed by pouring hot (but not boiling water) down the drain.

4) Use an Industrial Drain Cleaner

You can also prevent drains from becoming blocked up or fix clogged drains by using an industrial drain cleaner. This will be one of the most effective ways to prevent or solve the issue and keep your pipes working as they should.

5) Use Mesh Screens

Even when you know what to avoid going down the drain, it can sometimes be hard particularly when it comes to hair. This is why mesh drains are a great idea because they can easily catch hair and food waste from escaping down the drain, which can help to prevent blockages and keep everything running smoothly.

6) Have Bins Nearby

It is also smart to have bins nearby so that it is easy for people to throw things away instead of putting them down the drain. If someone has a q-tip, for example, then if there is no bin nearby then they might think that placing just one down the toilet will be ok – if this keeps happening, it could quickly lead to an issue but could have been avoided if a bin was nearby.

These tips should help you to keep your drains running smoothly and prevent any blockages from occurring. Blockages can be nasty to deal with, they can lead to serious damage and could also be expensive to repair so prevention is key.


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