You mustn’t be alien to Apex Legends if you’re a part of the gaming world. Since its release, it has taken the virtual world by storm. 

Every player wants to play Apex Legends and get better at it. Many people start well but soon reach a saturation point in their gameplay. But that’s not the way to become better!

If you want to upgrade your Apex Legends Gameplay skills, you must know some cool Apex hacks. Plus, there are some gameplay tips you just can’t afford to miss. Keep reading to become infinitely better at your gameplay!

1. Try it all, use one

Apex Legends has many characters. As a beginner or intermediate payer, you must try each one of them. As every character comes with its own unique features, you must figure out the best character for your gameplay. 

This can be done only when you play with all the characters for some time. It will help you get the hang of what each character is capable of doing. Also, playing with different characters lets you know about their weaknesses. After trying and testing, you must choose the best character that will complement your gameplay. 

2. Combine weapons wisely

Apex Legends gives you a chance to combine different weapons and attachments. As a player, opting for these attachments can be helpful. While some can increase the damage by miles, others may backfire. 

As a player, you must combine weapons that can complement each other. Combining two weapons that are poles apart is not recommended. With the correct combination, you can cause immense damage to your opponents.

3. Knockdown Shields

Knockdown shields are the best part about the Apex Legends Battle Royale. Every shooting game has a way to revive the player once they are dead. In Apex Legends, Knockout shield does that work. If you are knocked out, the Knockout shield will provide you protection before you get killed.

Knockout shields give you some time before you get killed. As they protect you from getting killed immediately, you have a little more time in which your team can come and revive you. This shield comes in different levels, and you must choose the one at the highest level to get more protection. 

4. Landing is crucial

Landing in a Battle Royale game is crucial. Landing in the correct place can award you time to collect weapons and shields before you start fighting. This extra time gives you better winning chances.

There are some less crowded places on the map. Landing in these will give you the time to collect weapons before you start unleashing your attack.

5. Position well

Shooting games are all about angles and positions. The better your position, the more quickly you can sneak into the opponent’s camp. So, you must have good positional knowledge when you play the game. Just like other games, Apex Legends also has certain angles to shoot. You must look out for those angles to get an edge over your enemies.

Having positional knowledge gives you not only an attacking advantage but also a defensive edge. You can refrain from reaching out at vulnerable positions and hence, safeguard yourself for long. 

6. Attack and attack

Attack in Apex Legends is the key to victory. Irrespective of your defensive skills, if you can’t attack, you can’t get better. Being only defensive can prolong your life but not improve your ranking.

You indeed need to live for a long time to create more chances for winning, but if you cannot kill your opponents, the long life won’t matter much.

7. Use the Ping System

The ping system is an excellent addition to the Apex Legends. By using ping, you can mark crucial loot for your friends. The ping system is so good that you need not use voice chats to communicate with your team. 

You can just mark the location, and all your friends will get to know about it automatically. This enhances the gameplay’s smoothness. Using ping to your advantage is crucial in Apex Legends gameplay.


The above tips will make you a better player quickly in Apex Legends. You need to follow these consistently and dedicatedly. Comment down below if you have any other Apex Legends gameplay suggestions that might help a beginner ace the game.


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