People who love music can appreciate the role that is played by cool speakers. One of the traits that are exhibited by the best cool speakers is that they have high performance. Moreover, the best cool speakers to place in your room also need to have a gorgeous design.

While selecting the best cool speakers; therefore, one ought to combine both the aspects of high performance as well as good design. Keep reading to learn more about seven beautiful design forward speakers to elevate your room.

1. BeoPlay S3

It is an ultra-flexible Bluetooth speaker that gives your room a clean as well as natural sound. Its performance is, therefore, optimum. Furthermore, it is made using a style that is very easy to match with most of our rooms interior designs.

2. The Big Blue Wireless Studio Wireless Speaker

The performance of this speaker is top notch as it gives crystal clear sound. It pairs wirelessly with those devices that are Bluetooth enabled. Since no wires are used, the interior design of your room is not compromised.

They are covered in materials that are made of silk, therefore giving your room that good look.

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3. Stelle Bluetooth Audio Pillar

This is one of the unique speakers that give a lot of attention to design. It comes in a variety of colors and may, therefore, suit any interior design.

Its other pros are high sound quality, easy wireless connectivity, and longevity of battery life.

4. Triby

This is one of the cool speakers that can be used either to play music or communicate within the home. It has got a very simplistic design thereby making it very children friendly. It even has features that support Bluetooth enabled internet calling.

5. Sugr Cube

This speaker is fun and interactive and can be controlled either by phone or by tablet. It is made using a unique design such that there is no need for using the control buttons. Moreover, it has a very stylish finish and a natural wood grain that adds more color and style to your room.

6. ZVE Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of those designer speakers that are perfect for gifting because it comes packed in a very stylish box. It has a simplistic design, thereby making it suitable for use both at home or in a car. It is one of those very pocket-friendly cool speakers. The fabrics it comes covered with adds more style to your room.

7. Hidden Radio 2

This is a cool speaker that would go unnoticed while not in use. It is not until it played that you will see it well. Hidden radio two is made of black and white and therefore suits to most of our interior designs. These speakers are very much compatible with much of the Eames furniture. Visit for more details.

Conclusion on Cool Speakers

Other than the above mentioned, there are many more speakers with cool speaker designs that are excellent performers and also add style to a room such as Pill+ and Muji. Make a point of ordering any of these devices today.

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