In this digital era, every business wants to convert their potential visitors into rewarding customers by building deeper relationships with the clients. Designing a good website is the best way as it is the storefront of your business.

People browsing the internet will reach you quickly if you have an excellent site, responsive design, informative layout, and user-friendly interface. 

WANNA Generate more revenue and upgrade your business productivity? Start promoting your business over the internet by developing attractive websites. 

There are various website development companies which help you to stay ahead of this competitive world as they offer robust websites to their clients by making use of powerful software and tools. HubSpot development is not new, it is helping us in strategizing and mitigating the challenging tasks while developing the site, thereby, delivering the best business results.

Let’s take a rundown at some of the best platforms by using which developers can build rich website applications with a sensible approach. 


WordPress is an open source website development platform used commonly since 2003. It is one of the most powerful blogging, and CMS platform frequently used nowadays. WordPress can be called as a versatile CMS used by most of the organizations to optimize their website content.

By using WordPress, you can make an SEO friendly website to increase its ranking in this marketing world. Moreover, you can also build a blog, e-commerce, news, photography, etc. 

WordPress assists you in developing the website without hassle as it offers pre-built functionalities to set website themes and plugins without any difficulty. Click here, to know how many WordPress themes are there? 

You don’t have to pay a single penny because WordPress is free! What are you waiting for? Visit and start developing an awesome website with WordPress. 


HubSpot is one of the commonly used all-in-one platforms which help the developers to build a powerful website in a customized way. It is a fully integrated CMS tool which also helps you in managing the visitors content at one centralized place. 

Have you ever thought to perform, marketing, sales, and development services from one place? Seems to be a challenging task? HubSpot is the place where you can perform all such activities in the fastest possible way. 

HubSpot CMS offers various features such as drag and drop, SEO, social media, landing pages, email, and marketing automation, analytics, templates, etc. 

By using these features, you can easily develop the website in Hubspot CMS even if you don’t have coding skills. Furthermore, you can also personalize your website content for every visitor in your HubSpot CMS. 


If you are a starter in HubSpot development, then you should start converting anonymous visitors into qualified leads by visiting and availing its free services. 


Magento is a fully customized, secure and stable e-commerce platform which is used by the developers to create a flexible website. 

The comprehensive development tool offers a vast range of features and applications like website management, SEO, analytics, and reporting, order management, catalog management, customer accounts, inventory management and many more. For more details about the amazing features of Magento, feel free to visit RVS Media now.


In Magento, the entity-attribute-value database model is used for storing the data in a customized form. It provides a highly active user forum which helps the talented web developers in building a scalable website. 

Therefore, it is considered as a complete solution for the developers and marketers to achieve business goals and objectives. Hence, it is another free platform which you can use to develop web applications with the help of thousands of extensions. 


Do you want to access the content management system without paying any amount? Joomla is another flexible platform which helps to empower website creators. 

Joomla enables you to build powerful online applications and web sites since 2005 as it has thousands of free templates and extensions. It will allow you to manage your website in such a way that it fits your business desires. 


This tool is preferred by various developers because it offers a variety of functions You can edit your site design quickly, enhance its efficiency and makes a versatile infrastructure. 

Joomla is completely free created by using two open source platforms that are MYSQL and PHP. There are various brands which are using Joomla to build dynamic sites and increase their traffic such as iHop, Harvard, etc. 

Do you know Joomla is a multi-tasking tool? 

This platform is not only used for website development, but it also helps in connecting visitors data in a variety of ways. As per the research, Joomla empowers nearly  2 million active websites. 

Therefore, If you are looking for a scalable and versatile platform for developing a site, Go for Joomla!


PHP is one of the well- known server-side scripting languages which is preferred by most of the developers for building amazing and dynamic websites. One of the reasons for its preference is that it provides the benefits and functionalities similar to the paid scripting language.  

As it is an open source, therefore, it is free. You can build a powerful website by handling various challenges that you may face while developing secure, versatile and database friendly website. 

It includes PHP code modules by utilizing it you can enhance your website performance. For example, Facebook- mostly used social networking site is built by using PHP. 

If you have the same goal which is to develop an interactive website, then it is the best possible solution in your top list. 


Open Cart

Open Cart is another popular e-commerce platform similar to Ruby, Drupal, etc used for creating a responsive website with super-fast speed. It is also an open source platform mostly preferred due to its user-friendly nature and impressive inbuilt e-commerce features. 

By using this brilliant web development tool, you can upgrade your business ROI by developing an attractive interface and fulfilling customers demands. 

Moreover, it offers integration services, which will help you to customize the development services by using lifetime free support and regular software updates. 

Are you planning to install this platform for creating an effective website? Open cart is one of them as it is easy to install on different shared hosting sites and provides a variety of themes and templates to give a dynamic vision to your site. 

Open Cart


JSP stands for Java Server Pages. It is a technology which helps the developers in creating an appealing website. 

Java programming language is used in JSP for developing a website. If you want to create dynamic web pages based on HTML, XML and other documents, prefer using JSP technology. 

It provides some predefined actions similar to PHP and ASP which helps you in developing an interactive website. However, it also includes XML or HTML frameworks, and static templates to code the site content systematically.

In a Crux

Hope the above list helps you find the best platform to develop your website accurately and effectively.

Don’t get confused in selecting one platform! If you know your limitations, goals, and strengths, then you can easily choose the best to streamline your website development process in the best possible form. 

So, evaluate your objective behind creating an interactive website and select the appropriate platform to better business success. 

What are you waiting for? Select the best web development platform and develop an optimized website.  


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