If she has said yes to your first date, you must make sure that you don’t spoil the day. This is the day that is likely to determine the future of your relationship. So you must impress the lady and become the man of her dreams.
However, there are several small things that women are very sensitive to and could ruin everything. One of them is behavior. How you behave on the first date will give a good or bad impression to the lady.

In this guide, we have rounded some of the best tips for first date behavior for men. These are tips that have been tried and found to work incredibly well. If you practice them, you are guaranteed to win over the heart of your date.
Here are 7 men tips on how to behave on the first date

1. Be Honest

The worst mistake you can make is trying to be someone else. It is not only difficult but will backfire after some time. So be yourself and behave naturally. Do not try to force a smiling face if it is not coming naturally. Do not fake your richness, education, and other things that you think ladies like to hear. So don’t be a liar because girls can tell lies from truth.

2. Find Out Her Interests

It is important to date someone you have something in common. Check what she like something that you like. Does she love adventure, travel, movies, and so on? You need to find out all this information and technology has made it easy for you.

You can do reverse number lookup using a reliable app such as Spokeo. With a phone number lookup with Spokeo app, you will be able to see her social media profiles where you can find out her hobbies. That is how you can easily tell if you have something in common.

Even if it is just one thing that you have in common, it will bond you together and stronger.

3. Your Appearance

You must watch your appearance on the first date. How you look or what you wear says a lot about you. If you want to make an impression, then you must improve your appearance.

Being well-groomed is very important for a positive impression. So get a haircut and shave the beard before going out for the first date. You must also wear nice clothes. They might not be designer clothes, but you must look good.
Lastly, make sure that everything is matching. I always recommend that you get an opinion from a female friend on how you look before going out.

4. Be A Good Listener

One thing you must know about ladies is that they tend to talk a lot. Don’t keep with because you will ruin everything. Talk less and listen more to what she is saying. Encourage her to talk more, and you will be impressed by the results- women love men who can listen to them.

5. Avoid Talking About Exes

On the first, one of the topics that you will tackle is the previous relationship(s) and your current status. This topic will also lead you to say something about the previous women and why the relationship ended.
Although this is necessary for this day, avoid going into details because you might end up giving out facts that work against you. So just touch the service and don’t show emotions to avoid making the lady feel you are not over your X.

6. Reserve The Restaurant

If you want to create a good impression, then you need to do small things such as reserving the restaurant in advance. This will make the lady feel special, loved and given the attention, she needs from a man.
There are many applications such as EatApp that can help you to reserve a restaurant from your smartphone. Also, you will be able to find out the menu options, prices , and the restaurant layout.

7. Don’t Forget to Bring Flowers

You must bring flowers as a small present for your date. Being the first date, you don’t have to bring expensive presents. So flowers make a perfect present for a first date. It could be a small present but trust me; women love flowers.

These are some of the first date behavior tips that every man must. If you have got her contact, do a phone number search with Spokeo to know more about her. Look at her social media profiles to know what she likes. This information will help guide your conversation when you meet.


Valerie Malecha is the content marketing manager for Spokeo. She is an experienced writer and editor. She creates articles on relations, dating, parenting, technology, travel and business topics.

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