Building a new home can be a hefty time investment. However, the hard work is worthwhile since you can customize the home as your imagination allows. For many homeowners, they love implementing technology into their custom home ideas.

The modern home design incorporates a vast amount of technology to make your life more convenient. Smart technology is one of the methods to create an efficient property. Other types of technology should be considered as well. You can work with custom home builders to bring your various technological ideas to reality.

Here are seven technology ideas when you are building a new home:

1. Door Locks 

One of the most traditional forms of technology has to do with the conventional lock. Locks can be installed on virtually all of your devices, from the doorway to the bedroom. However, you will most likely need a key or a variation password to unlock the actual lock. Smart locks circumvent this scenario, making things much more efficient.

Through the use of technology, you can simply install smart locks onto your devices or entryways. Then, through a simple tap on your respective app, you can unlock or lock them as you see fit. You can also set up the technology to automatically lock the device. It makes things much more efficient in this light!

2. Camera Systems 

Security is always a priority for homeowners, especially when locking up at the end of the day. Smart locks can be useful for various circumstances, but you may need an upgrade in security. In this regard, you may be inclined to get your hands on a CCTV system of some sort.

Modern technology has upgraded many camera systems in a truly ground-breaking way. Some camera systems can detect heat and motion signatures to keep things as safe as possible. Should any threat be detected, the technology will immediately alert the authorities.

3. Smoke Detectors 

Another key aspect of anyone’s home is installing the right smoke detectors. These types of detectors will go off at the slightest presence of smoke to put you at ease. Technology has taken this concept and upgraded it tenfold to account for the modern-day.

For example, if multiple detectors are installed, they all work as one cohesive unit. If one goes off in the basement, the others will sound off, no matter where they are placed in the home. For newer homes, ensure you have one placed on each floor, to make things as optimized as possible.

4. Smart Sockets 

Having the right outlets placed in and around a property will be vital, especially for those working from home. However, homeowners may not know just how vital it can be to enhance their capabilities. Smart sockets come equipped with many abilities, each of which can be pretty nifty.

As mentioned previously, smart technology allows you to conveniently switch your devices on or off through an app. The same sentiment can be applied to these sockets; you can easily turn your lighting apparatuses on or off. Some of these sockets are easy on your electricity bill as well. You’ll be saving money while also having convenience around!

5. Thermostats 

As is the case with smoke detectors, your new home will also have to have thermostats installed. These devices will manage the temperature within your home to account for the elements outside. Smart thermostats take this idea to the next level due to the technology used to create them.

No longer will you have to worry about manually setting them every single time. These devices learn from your adjustments to automatically set them up later on. Plus, you can manage them from a respective app, just if the temperature feels off to you.

6. Vent Technology 

Who would’ve thought that your ventilation systems could also benefit from smart technology? In essence, your vents can work in conjunction with your thermostats in terms of temperature maintenance. This serves to sustain temperatures in specific rooms, depending on who occupies the respective space.

7. Shower Systems 

The bathroom is another area that can truly benefit from technology, especially for newer homes. Modern-day shower systems automatically adjust the water temperature to fit your needs for the moment. Reduced water flow is also expected, since this is relatively cost-effective. By using modern-day tech, your new home can truly be innovative!


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