Driving can be a joy, but little annoyances can quickly build up and turn a dreamy drive into a nightmare (or at least an avoidable frustration). Knowing how to pack your car with accessories and features that will boost your comfort and safety while driving will revolutionize your life in 2022. There is a massive variety of amazing accessories on the market today to choose from, so getting started can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of seven must-have vehicle accessories to optimize your comfort while driving: 

1. Lumbar Support Cushion

If you’re a heavy commuter, you understand how quickly a car seat can become uncomfortable, and how prolonged sitting can even lead to back pain. If you want to keep your back healthy, and your rides extra cozy, buying a lumbar support cushion to add to your (hopefully) already comfortable vehicle seats, is a genius move. You can even go fancy and buy a lumbar support cushion with advanced-comfort tech to keep you safe and comfortable during your long commutes to work. 

2. Mounted Fan

Even if your AC is solid, there are times when it can either be overwhelming or underwhelming, making the system less effective than it needs to be to keep you comfortable. The mounted fan can keep you comfortable when you just want a gentle breeze, or when the AC is not cutting it on its own. In the unfortunate situation where your AC suddenly goes out, the fan will be a lifesaver. There’s a lot to be gained from this simple, cheap investment, so be sure to consider it. 

3. Waterproof Trash Cans

The clutter that can quickly amass in your vehicle is hard to overstate. Especially if you have a family vehicle, the amount of trash that can build up in a short amount of time (even over a single day) can make your car dirtier than is comfortable. By investing in a trash can that’s both waterproof and specifically made for vehicles, you can begin training yourself to keep your trash where it’s supposed to be (making it easy to dispose of whenever you are at a gas station or your home). They are cheap, efficient and one of the best investments you can make to increase your comfort while driving. And with less clutter in your vehicle, you can always quickly find important driving documents if the need arises. 

4. Sound Insulation Tech

If you’re frequently driving on busy, loud roads, the overwhelming traffic sounds can quickly become uncomfortable and frustrating. Loud music can help cut through the noise but requires you to add your own potentially headache-inducing ingredient to the mix. There’s an amazing solution to this problem, however: sound insulation tech. Sound deadening mats, sound insulation pads, and more can help cut down on the noise that’s able to find its way into your vehicle. If you want to enjoy cozy, peaceful rides despite the heavy traffic around you, this is a must-do investment. 

5. Car-Chargeable Vacuum Cleaner

Adding a vacuum cleaner to your waterproof trash can will ensure you can get a professional-level car cleaning whenever you want (with just a bit of effort on your part). Especially for the hard-to-reach dust and debris that builds up in a family vehicle, a car-chargeable vacuum cleaner can be life-changing. There are plenty of affordable, high-quality vacuum cleaners made specifically for cars, and they are available at many general stores across the United States. 

6. Dashcam

Not all comfort features have to deal with your body or more conventional ideas of comfort. A dashcam can provide you with a different type of comfort: an easy mind. Whenever you get into a fender bender, or in the unfortunate case where someone breaks into your vehicle, a dash cam can give you the peace of mind needed when filing a report and figuring out how to get restitution. Especially if you live in an area where these incidents are more likely, investing in a dashcam is highly recommended, and will help assist you during any insurance situations you find yourself in. 

7. Memory Foam Mattress Cover

Lumbar back support cushions are not the only way to keep your drive extra comfortable. By investing in a memory foam mattress cover that’s designed specifically for your vehicle’s seats, you’ll be driving more comfortably than you ever have before. There’s a higher investment cost to this item, but it ensures you’re able to keep your back healthy and your mind at ease while you’re driving every day. 

Here’s to a Comfy, Safe Year on the Road

With these seven accessories, your car will feel luxurious and high-class. Their usefulness will be on full display as you find yourself dealing with little inconveniences on the road throughout 2022. With a dashcam, you can even have the peace of mind that you’ll be legally protected on the road this year as well. So here’s to a comfy, safe year on the road for you and your family as we make our way through this exciting new year. 


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