Having the goal of becoming a tech entrepreneur or inventor might seem like a pipe dream, but with the tools and resources available to everyone through the internet, there’s really no excuse to limit your own potential nowadays. The idea that you can’t become something simply because you currently lack the necessary knowledge or experience follows a completely flawed line of logic because everyone has to start somewhere, and no one starts out knowing everything. With that simple realization in mind, here are 8 of the most useful educational paths for anyone who wants to one day become a tech inventor and entrepreneur:

1. Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree

Having a degree in electrical and computer engineering usually isn’t a qualification that people think of when they’re leaning towards an entrepreneurial route, as most people who have this kind of degree are employed by the service industry through corporate entities like utility providers and construction companies. However, while this credential is traditionally used to boost the chances of employment within a set of specialized job positions, the skills that a Masters in electrical and computer engineering can provide will also give you the ability to start designing and building your own product prototypes and software.

2. Marketing & Advertising Courses

Having a great idea for an invention and generating proof of concept with a basic prototype is only the first step in actually profiting from your innovation. It can be particularly difficult to make people notice your product or brand when you have no previous web presence or fan base to build upon. Studying marketing and advertising will give you the knowledge needed to effectively promote technologies through a diverse range of platforms and mediums. A degree program would be ideal, but you can develop a moderate level of expertise within a matter of weeks by taking a few courses.

3. Web Design

Having a great looking website has become a mandatory prerequisite for any brand that wants to be taken seriously and included within any competitive buying comparison. However, as any good inventor will tell you, your first product isn’t always the one that makes you wealthy, so spending thousands on third-party web design services for every endeavor starting out can be a reckless and risky approach. Instead, as someone who is competent enough to invent a tech product, have confidence in your ability to become a proficient web design through a degree program or online course.

4. Software Development

Having an associated app or software to represent your brand is another trend that has become increasingly common to the point of almost being a must-have component within every marketing campaign. When you consider the size of the software market and how many people download apps every day, it becomes clear that specializing in this area can help any tech entrepreneur. It’s even possible to create apps and programs without knowing any coding languages, so there’s no excuse to avoid this skill set as a tech entrepreneur.

5. Communication

The ability to persuade consumers and manipulate markets in your favor comes only through a higher understanding of essential communication principles. By earning a degree or certification as a trained communications expert, you’ll be able to communicate with clients, customers, partners, investors, and other parties in the most professional manner possible. Having a degree or other credential in this field is particularly important if you’re trying to develop an app or device that facilitates voice or text communication.

6. Economics

Every entrepreneur should possess a fundamental understanding of economics. However, tech entrepreneurs are especially in a position to benefit from this kind of education because technology advances so rapidly and can even create entirely new economies. Whenever you’re selling products online, you’re participating in the world’s largest economy: global eCommerce. Thus, it makes sense that you should come prepared if you’re planning to compete on the toughest playing field against the most established brands.

7. Data Analysis

Being able to analyze large data sets and find useful insight hidden within the numbers can make you a business oracle or seer in a way. You won’t be able to 100% predict the future in any scenario, but you’ll have the ability to make reliable projections that hold true more than 80-90 percent of the time. All inventors and entrepreneurs should base their initial projects off of extensive market research and analysis. Furthermore, big data is one of the most in-demand employment industries, with experts being desperately needed in this field due to the widespread adoption of big data analysis by the top corporations.

8. Video Production

Producing quality videos and distributing them around the web is easily one of the most worthwhile marketing techniques, but it can also be one of the most costly when you factor in the cost of paying for third-party production and distribution services. With the ability to create your own product trailers and brand advertisement videos, you’ll be able to save thousands and take your company’s visual promotion into your own hands. Marketing studies show that video is the most engaging form of online content, so knowing how to excel in this kind of advertising will make you an elite competitor in most niches.

A True Entrepreneur Educates Themselves Every Day

The idea that you should only have to study at a university for a few years before being permanently done with your educational efforts is the wrong way to look at career advancement, especially if you have a strong ambition to succeed within multiple industries. When you initially take on the burden of studying for a new degree or certification, the act of completing your coursework routinely can feel a bit burdensome. However, after a while you’ll start to derive great joy and excitement from learning new facts and strategies which have the potential to boost your business success. As you begin to see results coming from your educational efforts, you’ll have an incentive to keep learning more so that you can stay ahead of the competition.


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