Best Companions Every Digital Nomads Needs

If advancement is an amusement park, then technology is the fast-track ticket holder on a weekday. Not only does it wait for no one, but you can also find them in every single ride available. As a result, there are always some new technological findings and progress made in all kinds of industries.

One of the most prominent changes is how we define a workplace. While it used to mean a floor in a building or maybe the whole tower, now it could simply mean wherever a Wi-Fi connection is available. So, it could very well be under the covers of your small Tokyo Airbnb bed or maybe in a little café somewhere in Brazil; there’s no limit whatsoever.

While this flexibility comes with an abundance of benefits, being a digital nomad means sacrificing the ever-ready resources available at a physical office. But worry not! Here we have concluded some must-haves applications to help you be a responsible working adult while living your inner-child best life.

Google Flight

Though there are many flight booking services out there, Google Flight is the perfect choice for digital nomads. This is due to its ability to determine the best departure and arrival points for you, all based on your preference. You only need to pick 5 cities each, and Google Flight will help you find the best combinations of departure and destination points that will cost you the lowest amount of money. 

Furthermore, thanks to its ‘explore destination’ feature, you can now simply pick a region like Asia, Europe, or South America, and it will give you recommendations on which city you should visit. From your trusted laptop screen, you will be able to choose based on the fare information given on Google Flight’s website. You can now access Google Flight on your Android devices on top of its web page.

Safety Wing

From emergency trips to the hospital to natural disasters, almost anything can happen during your travel. In this case, travel insurance becomes important as it can give you added protection from spending heaps of money in emergency cases. This way, you are also putting your life in safe hands, as any treatment needed would then be able to be done promptly at the place you’re visiting.

Marketed especially to digital nomads, Safety Wing offers a one-year travel insurance policy with a monthly payment that you can cancel anytime. You won’t have to key in your destination in advance because Safety Wing is flexible and available anywhere in the world. Moreover, when you are not traveling you are also covered in your home country for up to 30 days.

Getting around in a new country can be a bit nerve-wracking. Not only in determining the right mode of transportation but also in making sure of our safety while doing so. It is highly important to have an accessible map that can track you at all times. is the solution to this problem, as it lets you download an offline map of the country you’re visiting and still lets you get around using its GPS tracker. You can now stop worrying about connections or data plans and explore freely with only your beloved smartphone as your buddy. is available for both iOS and Android devices, free of charge.

Tripcoin and Splitwise

Sticking to your budget is one of the most important parts of traveling. Tripcoin helps you do that by allowing unlimited expenses entry per day and detailed statistic reports on where you spend your money. In addition, it only takes one tap and no internet connection.

Though, if you are traveling with friends, Splitwise spares you the trouble of figuring out who owes who how much money. You only need to add in the expenses or borrowings you made throughout your trip, and it will automatically let you know how much money you need to pay the other person. While Tripcoin is only available on iOS, you can download Splitwise from both App Store and Google Play at no charge.


Best Companions Every Digital Nomads Needs

Working from your accommodation during your trip can get boring very quickly. Unfortunately, finding a good café you can work at for an hour or two can also be tricky. There’s always the issue of whether you can work at this coffee shop or not and where you should go in the first place. 

Workfrom recognizes this issue and creates an app that gives you recommendations for your temporary office. Available on both iOS and Android devices at no price, this app is equipped with a workability score with details such as Wi-Fi and charging ports availability. All you have to do now is ensure your data safety, and you’re good to work away!


Duet is an app that allows you to turn your personal tablet into a second screen. With this app, you can now easily access multiple documents and windows. Hassle-free is the theme of this application, as it is 100 percent software-based and doesn’t require any converter or cable for its operation. Duet is now available for both iOS and Windows laptops, as well as iOS and Android devices. 


At its core, Speedify is a VPN service that allows you to browse the internet safely from the virtual prying eyes. Though what makes it different is its ability to combine several internet connections into one. By doing this, you can get a faster and more reliable connection.

Say goodbye to slow connections and laggy meetings and say hello to Speedify instead. This app is now available for Windows and Mac laptops, along with iOS, Android, and Linux devices. 

Wise (previously known as TransferWise)

If you often have to transfer money internationally, you might already be familiar with Wise. Unlike using banks to wire your money, there is no hidden cost when using Wise. You can now enjoy transferring your money with an 8 times cheaper fee instantly.

Thanks to its readily available bank accounts around the world, your money never has to cross any borders, making the wiring process faster. Enjoy a hassle-free international transfer by simply downloading Wise on your iOS or Android devices.

When you travel, it is important to stay responsible and take care of your own safety. Remember to adhere to local regulations and respect their customs and traditions. Safe travel!


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