The Internet is a constantly changing and evolving medium. Unfortunately, some older computer programs become obsolete as technology becomes more advanced. Since these older browsers cannot support the latest web page technologies, companies must not design their websites to use them. Otherwise, many users would be unable to view their sites.

As more people automate their lives and conduct business online, it has become necessary for companies to ensure that everyone can view and access their websites, regardless of what browser they are using. To build your website or app, you should consider Top Web Development Companies to prevent your website from getting outdated.

Web Technologies That Are Now Outdated

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a software application for web browsers. It allows web designers to create animations, games, and other interactive programs that can be viewed within their browser window. Before the introduction of Adobe Flash in the 1990s, very few online video games and animations could be viewed from a web browser. Many websites provide these types of games and entertainment through Adobe Flash.

Adobe Flash has been used on many other Internet applications besides websites. For example, many mobile apps provide their users with Flash technology. Adobe Flash has become an essential ingredient in the successful development of mobile apps. However, a developer cannot create successful web pages or apps if a new computer program or operating system is incompatible with Adobe Flash. 

Java Applets

Java Applets are bytecode applications that can be run within a web page. Java is a programming language created by Sun Microsystems for the Java platform. It has been used to develop many applications for web pages and mobile apps. Java Applets are essential for building interactive web pages.

Java applets can still be found on the Internet. However, fewer web pages use Java as the programming language for their applets. Soon, Java will be obsolete as more users download software from the Internet that is written using a different language.

Adobe shockwave player

Adobe Shockwave Player is a multimedia format for distributing and viewing computer animations, games, and videos. The software is designed to be used on the Adobe Flash Player. However, one must download a separate multimedia player application to view Shockwave Player on a computer.

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a rival multimedia software application to Adobe Flash. The software was created by Microsoft and allows the web designer to create interactive web content. However, the applications can only be viewed on the Microsoft Silverlight Player. Therefore, if a computer user only uses Google Chrome as their Internet browser, they will be unable to view these web pages.


Frames were used when creating web pages in the 1990s. The purpose of frames was to make the web page look visually appealing and able to display more information than a single screen could accommodate. Many sites still use frames because older Internet browsers were designed to support this technology. However, since it is not a requirement for newer browsers, many users are discouraged from using frames because they tend to slow down their computer’s Internet speed.

The web is a constantly evolving medium. Hence, It is important to choose an experienced web development company that understands the latest web technologies and can guide you in developing an interactive website so that users can enjoy the benefits of their websites and mobile apps.


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