ArcheAge: Unchained was designed by Korean developer Jake Song for his XL Games Company and was released for the Windows PC on October 15, 2019. Developers describe ArcheAge as a hybrid “sandbox” MMORPG, combining a sandbox gameplay style with a more structured theme park experience.

Pay to Play

After switching publishers from Gamigo to Kakao Games in December, ArcheAge operates under new management. In addition to monetization, ArcheAge: Unchained will also have a subscription, as Kakao announced the pay-to-play version of ArcheAge would be bundled with a subscription.

Subscribers will access that service for $9.99 per month, with discounts available for three- and six-month subscriptions. New buyers will receive 30 days of subscription time, while those who purchased the original game or DLCs will receive up to 150 days. Any additional DLCs will be free.

Subscribers will automatically receive the Patron system. At the beginning of the first month, ArchePass Premium will be free, and each subsequent month will cost 500 Loyalty Tokens.

Loyalty Tokens are no longer available for purchase, as they will be awarded to you every time you log in for the first time. In the Premium ArchePass, Manastorm Crystals will take the place of Diligence Coins.


First-person or third-person views are available in ArcheAge’s zoneless world. Like other games, Archeage Unchained also offers in-game currency to help you improve your gameplay. 

More in-game currency will help you buy various new items resulting in better gameplay. Those who want Archeage Unchained Gold quickly can buy it from a reliable source. Many people recommend MMOPIXEL when they wish to buy Archeage Unchained Gold.

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Along with traditional combat systems, players in ArcheAge can also engage in sea-to-land combat or secure trade routes. Build and equip ships with weaponry and workforce, and engage in battles with other players or sea monsters.

Player vs. Player (PvP)

Players can engage in open-world PvP in many game zones. Any faction member can attack another faction member. 

A player can engage in intra-faction PvP if they flag ‘bloodlust’ mode; by doing this, the player will create evidence of a crime and be jailed. In addition to Halcyona War and Abyssal Attack, several regular world events are also focused on open-world PvP.


In ArcheAge, the player can craft food, equipment, vehicles, and furniture for their homes, vehicles, and a crafting system. Creating unlocks new crafting options as players gain proficiency.


The housing system features a free-placement method for placing buildings across designated, non-instanced zones. Players can both decorate the interiors and exteriors of these buildings aesthetically and functionally. A house’s size directly impacts how much foundation space is needed. 

Depending on the size of the home, it can be a two-story bungalow or a three-story townhouse. If players fail to pay taxes on the land where their houses are built, they may lose their possessions and some or all of their houses. 

There is usually a small area surrounding most homes where farmers can plant their crops. Auroria’s northern continent is home to an Archeum Crystal that allows guilds to claim land upon which to build castles. 

Guild leaders collect taxes on property within these castles, which grant them lordship over the surrounding area. During sieges, the defense of Archeum Crystal is the castle’s primary concern. 

When the Archeum Crystal is taken, the guild capturing it gains ownership of the castle and its surrounding area. “Patron” status holders are the only ones who can own land. 

Players can become Patrons without paying the Trion subscription fee, but they’ll need in-game gold, which can be purchased for $10 or traded for gold from other players. By purchasing patron status with Apex, players can buy land without paying Trion directly.


When a character completes a quest early in life, they can create a garden using a scarecrow design. Towards the end of the character’s development, he can design a larger farm. 

The players can develop plots of land using these designs, usually in designated areas, to grow various plants and animals. Only those with permission from its owner may access and manage a farm. 

In the open world, players can plant crops, but they risk other players stealing their contents, incurring crime points, and standing trial for those who do so. In a suitable climate, plants and animals need to mature and become harvestable within a set time. 

Most plants and animals, once matured, can either be maintained for sustained yields or harvested, slaughtered, or chopped down to free your land and gather the materials you need. Plants and animals need food and water to survive, and trees provide food for them.


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