When we think of a student, we visualize someone surrounded by devices. They need technology, so they can stay productive during their studies. 

Students follow gadget news all the time. Some time they finance the latest tech also. The latest tech helps them show off their status. But it’s mostly about staying practical. 

What are the best gadgets 2019 that are useful well into 2020?

We have an awesome list for you !

10 Useful Gadgets for Every Student

  • Portable Smartphone Charger

You use many productivity apps on your phone. You even use it to record lectures, so you can use the audio for studying later on. 

The battery won’t last all day. 

Pick up a portable charger, which will bring your smartphone back to life at any time!

  • Bluetooth Keyboard

When you’re working on a paper, the laptop’s keyboard may not be enough. 

If you have an awesome wireless keyboard, you can even connect it to your tablet and make it perform like a computer. 

So the next time you’re writing more than 100 essays about entertainment, you won’t complain that you can’t do it because a key on your laptop is stuck. A high-quality Bluetooth keyboard will make your typing more effective.

  • Kindle Paperwhite

Do you already have one?

If you have a tablet, let’s clarify this once and for all: it’s not the same thing. 

The Kindle Paperwhite recreates the feeling of reading on paper. It doesn’t make your eyes tired at all. It’s the perfect tool for studying from digital textbooks. 

  • Temperature Control Smart Mug

Yup; mugs fit into the gadget category nowadays.

This smart mug will keep your coffee hot for an entire hour. 

You can choose the preferred temperature, and you can slowly sip your coffee while studying, without worrying that it would get cold.  

  • MP3 Player with Built-In Voice Recorder

Recording lectures will quickly drain your phone’s battery. 

If you can invest in an MP3 player with a voice recording function, do it. It’s good because it also stores the recordings, so you won’t consume any memory space on your more important devices (phone, tablet, and computer). 

Xiaomi Mi Band

Who needs a fancy, expensive smartwatch when you can get the same features from the Mi Band?

It costs around $30, and it tracks your fitness and health data. You can set the workout mode to swimming, walking, cycling, outdoor running, exercise, and treadmill. 

  • Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you live in a dorm or a crowded apartment, noise-cancelling headphones will save the day. 

Even if your roommate decides to play loud music, you’ll be able to read, study, or rest. 

  • Portable SSD

You’ll need some space to store many gigabytes of recorded lectures, notes, textbooks, and projects. It’s a good idea to invest in a portable SSD with at least 1TB of space.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

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You’ll be the favorite person in the dorm if you own a powerful Bluetooth speaker. 

  • Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

How many times have you missed the phone’s alarm?

You need something more functional. A wake-up alarm clock comes with circular light that simulates the sunrise. It puts your mind and body into productivity mode. 

Did you find these gadgets useful

It would be great to have them all. But if your budget is limited, choose the most important ones for now.


Elizabeth Skinner is an avid reader, traveler, and learner. She blogs about productivity, technology, and education. She loves spreading positive vibes and inspiring people to achieve better results.

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