As an instructor, there will be a time that you may find teaching a difficult job to do. Learning to use different online educational platforms would be a great help for your teaching needs. These are not new and already available over the web in the past few years. The big question here is, how you can provide education to your young students in a unique way? You can also provide learnings to the old ones but how would you do it as well? Everything is not the same when done online but it is a good alternative if the traditional way of teaching is not available. 

Time is essential in the field of academe. So, you need to adjust and cope up with the new trend in technology. It is time to use online educational platforms and know how they will help you in sharing information with your students. What particular expertise does the app focus on and how much will be the paid version of the app, if any. Here are the best online learning tools that will benefit both students and professors. This is regardless if you are a professor that looks after your students or even a university that looks after lots of college courses.

1) Wiziq

Wiziq is a virtual study room that is very simple to set up. It is a cloud-based educational platform that has been designed since 2007. Since it is a cloud-based system, you do not need to install it on your computer or smartphone. It has different features like classroom setup, video streaming, learning management systems, exams, and assessments. The classroom side of this app includes the video and audio system. It also has an online whiteboard for visual interaction and live chat as well. Another good feature of this app is, it has an option to play youtube clips, open files, and even screen sharing. If you are still not sure if you want to avail of this platform, you can have a free 14- day trial version and decide thereafter. Normally, subscription costs are $25 each month and apply to annual billing. There are two types of subscriptions for this learning tool. One is mainly for the professors use and the other is for the use of the organizations.

2) Echo360

Echo360 is perfect for students who have short term memory and prefer to save lectures and notes in realtime. This tool can keep class lectures, lessons, and meetings. These recordings will be accessible and shared with all students so that they can simply review their preferred place and time. The app has a universal capture feature where you can record video, audio, and share screen simultaneously. It is available on both MacOS and WindowsOS. This is great for the students who are always absent and missed a lot of lessons. It has interactive learning tools and academic tests.

3) Vedamo

Vedamo will not require you to be very skillful for the reason that it is simple to use. You have two options upon using this e-learning app. First, you have an option to avail of the virtual classroom. In this option, you need to slightly know how to set it up. You will have an online whiteboard, stream real-time, share screen and files feature, and built-in templates that you can use when classes start. The second option is, the learning management system. It contains all the features of the virtual classroom option but with additional features. Those additional features were created for directing the full college course that includes class records and attendance. It also has a free 30- day trial version.

4) Google Classroom

Google Classroom supports various apps. It is the most advantageous among all types of online learning tools. For the reason that, many people are already familiar with Google Suite that is known to be easy and free of use. Instructors can start classes, disseminate homework, discuss academic paperhelp review, grade students, and do all academic-related tasks in one spot. All you have to do is link your Google account on the app and you can access your class either using your computer or mobile. You can also use Google Drive when sharing and opening files for your discussion needs. But, if you want to do all these plus do a live stream or chats, then you must avail the G Suite for Education. The good news is, this one is available for free.


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