Instagram is now the top leading platform for digital marketing. Now people are promoting their business on Instagram because they believe they can gain more benefits on Instagram. But due to high competition business on Instagram for a newcomer is not easy. In this time followers are everything. If you have a huge number of following then you can be a successful businessman, but if you don’t have then what you can do? Then you should focus on your content. Instagram story is the best key for increasing followers. 60% of people on Instagram are viewing the stories so you can say there is high traffic on Instagram story.

In this article, we have guided you properly on how you can gain followers by Instagram story. Go through the whole article carefully and become a successful businessman on Instagram

1. Introduce Your Brand by Make Story Highlights

Story highlights are the extended version of Instagram story. In highlights you can save your story for long term. Whenever a new person comes to see your profile, might be that users don’t know about your brand. So first of all you need to create the bio in which you mention short details about your brand. You should have heard before it is very important for the brand. Highlights are now also important for increasing the interaction with the user because people love to see the highlights. Always create highlights that describe your brand’s character.

2. Do Collaborate with Instagram Influencer

Influencer marketing is now the future of digital marketing. But there is a drawback of Influencer marketing is there is no success guarantee in Influencer marketing. But it is effective for growing your followers. If you do collaborate with the Instagram influencer then might be your post can become a trend. For collaboration, you need to pay the Influencer. It can be money, gift or commission on every product. Influencer marketing is the best option for increasing followers. For example, if influencers promote your brand on their account then their followers will also open your profile and if users like your profile they will definitely help you.

3. Mention your Competitor

If you are new on Instagram and you want to do business on Instagram, which is really tough for newcomers to start a new business, then you need to find the competitor. The competitor should have a huge number of following and engagement. For increasing the followers through an Instagram story you have two options. The first one is you can go to buy Instagram story views from social maxims, however, the second way is to mention your competitor in your stories. By mentioning the competitor you are creating a bond with your competitor.

4. Create Poll on Instagram Story

Poll is the hot feature of the Instagram Story. People love to participate in polling. The polling feature was first launched on, but it is more famous in an Instagram story. Whenever you create a poll on your story then you have noticed most of the viewers have participated in the polling. Don’t you think this is the best strategy for increasing followers? If you regularly create the poll (but poll should be informative and useful) then the new users on your story might be following you.

5. Create Your Own Gifs, Stickers and Fonts

When GIFS launched in the Instagram story people really enjoy this feature, but after a few weeks, the GIFS got removed from Instagram because of racism. So once the Giphy cleaned its content, the GIFS back to Instagram stories. Instagram does not update the stickers, fonts, and GIFS so sometimes people getting bored by using the same things again and again. So what you think about creating your own stickers, fonts, and GIFS? Yes it is possible, lots of applications are available with the help of you can create interesting stuff and if people like your stuff then might be they will follow you.

6. Create Short Videos

If you have created a video about your brand but the video is lengthy which cannot upload on the Instagram story because Instagram story allows you to upload the video of 15 seconds. So in this situation, you can crop your lengthy video in short intervals. Either you can do this manually one by one or you can use Microsoft Hyperlapse app with the help of this app you can create the lapse of the video and trust us people love to see the hyper-lapse video and it is the best way for increasing followers.

7. Use Unique Templates

Mostly new people on Instagram are facing the problem of choosing the template for the story. Mostly use the same template in every Instagram story which is actually not good. Users on Instagram always wanted to see new things. So the question is where you can find new templates? Lots of apps available over the internet these are offering hundreds and thousands of free templates and themes for your Instagram story and moreover those apps also allow you to edit or design your own Instagram story.


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