According to statistics, there are over 2.7 billion Android users worldwide, but what’s even more
fascinating is that the 90 percent of the time these users spend on their Android devices is spent on
different apps, while the other 10 percent is dedicated to mobile web browsing. Some of the most
popular apps include social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; followed by
dating sites among which Tinder takes the top shelf position, and a series of other popular choices
like YouTube, Wikipedia and others.

College students don’t stray too much from the average Android user persona, however, our current
article is not going to include the most obvious choices or list out the apps that will help you get a
date for tomorrow’s party. We’re going to look into some of the best Android applications that
provide a more academic value and facilitate the everyday life of the common student.

Best Android Apps for College Students


One of the most popular proofreading and spellchecking software you can find in today’s market,
Grammarly allows you to seamlessly proofread any kind of text. Once you install this piece of
software, you can integrate it into your device keyboard and get real-time spell check and
proofreading advice. Besides allowing you to perform impeccable texting, Grammarly also gives you
the chance to import the entire textual documents and make them error-free before turning in your
essays or any other form of written assignment.

What’s good about Grammarly is that it doesn’t simply check if your spelling is correct. It cares about
the message that you’re trying to convey, the tone you’re using and the audience that you wish to address. The software will also give you suggestions that can improve the readability of your content,
which can only enhance the effectiveness of your writing.


Some college students enjoy learning foreign languages and have no trouble overcoming the
challenges of mastering an entirely different tongue. However, others require more work to adapt to
vocalization and alphabet they didn’t encounter before.

Duolingo is an app that offers a versatile set of languages that you can train thanks to this amazing
app. What makes Duolingo such a powerful learning tool is its gamified user interface which allows
you to learn the new language while maintaining a game-like vibe. The research suggests that people
learn better through play, which is why gamified apps have immense success in providing educative
content. With Duolingo you start from the very beginning, set your own pace, and have a cool
leaderboard that allows you to track your progress and compare it to other users.

Google Disk

This app comes as a regular part of the Android package since this OS is the property of Google.
Among numerous benefits provided by Google Disk, students can use it to store all types of files
which they can access from any place on Earth using their Gmail account. According to statistics,
there are about 1 billion active Disk users and the platform kept more than 2 trillion files in 2017.

The app allows you to create textual files, tables, even presentations, but you can also upload and
edit existing MS Office documents and work on them or share them when collaborating with a friend
on a mutual project. The entire user interface is well-designed, providing a seamless user experience,
allowing you to create folders and organize your files as you see fit. It’s an excellent solution for
college projects, homework, shared projects, and any type of work that requires a high level of
availability, which Google’s cloud-based software provides.


We carry our Android devices with us virtually everywhere we go, and while most people have a
habit to change their profile settings in different venues such as a library, classroom, home, gym, or
any other place, there are occasions when we simply forget we have our smart companions in our
pocket. Furthermore, with so many obligations that pressure college students during the week, it’s
not unusual to forget an appointment or an assignment deadline.

Tasker is an intuitive app that allows you to set different profile settings for individual places so you
never get in a situation to annoy people at the cinema with your overly loud ringtone. The app keeps
track of your whereabouts and changes your device setting according to instructions you previously
set. Furthermore, the app allows you to schedule reminders for different tasks that await you in the
future, so it can also serve as a reminder.

Wolfram Alpha

Nowadays Google allows us to find almost anything we need, just by typing in a certain search
phrase. However, with so much content available online, it’s difficult to determine which resource is
providing valuable information that’s updated and trustworthy. Furthermore, Wikipedia, as an open-
source user-generated platform allows anyone to contribute, which often leads to misleading data,
even though the website administrators do their best to keep the content as authentic as possible.

Wolfram Alpha is an Android app that serves a kind of academic search engine. The app gathers
information from several sources, based on your query, and delivers only the most relevant
information. This takes away the trouble of browsing through useless content that doesn’t bring
anything new into your knowledge base. You can research anything from math formulas to medieval
literature, and instead of getting results based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you will get
information that’s most relevant to your research.


We aimed to create a list of Android apps that provide practical value to college students who often
don’t have the time or means to deal with an ever-growing number of academic and social
obligations during their education process. The apps we provided in this article are free, while some
of them also provide a premium experience that offers an enhanced set of features. Each of the
software solutions provided is available on Google Play Store, which means they are reliable and
approved by Google, and won’t affect your device warranty in case you experience any issues.


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