Long gone are the good old days when one could sit in your living enjoying your beer as you watch the favorite TV show. The economy is now demanding more than before. You have a lot of duties and travel engagements to secure opportunities.  You are likely to get home late and worn out. You want to keep updated with your favorite TV shows. This presents the dilemma of whether you will spend the little time with the family or stay glued to the TV to catch up on the new episodes. Fortunately, the introduction of smartphones and related app development has been a blessing. You can now readily watch the series that you love from your gadget on the go.

What is the Best App for TV Shows?

Apps for TV shows

Smartphones offer convenience since they are portable and easy to use. Manufacturers are now targeting different socio-economic classes in society by producing very affordable phones. The advancement in technology in smartphone manufacturing has seen people shift allegiance to smartphones. Many people now find their phones to be a great companion when they travel or get lonely. You can enjoy the vibrant life with your smartphone.

TV shows are fascinating to watch, and in acknowledging this, app developers found out that a convenient channel for delivery can be on the phones. As such, they came up with an application which one can readily install on their phones to watch what previously was exclusively available on a particular pay TV channel. This move has seen tremendous success since viewers of the shows have snowballed over time. An APP for a TV show will transform your smartphone into a” television” since you can access every single content produced without getting down on a TV. People are now shifting from TVs to TV Apps for the smartphone.

This trend has also resulted in increased app development going in the opposite direction as well. So now that we have the option to stream content via smartphones, it’s up to us whether we want to watch it on the phone or use a screen mirroring app to cast it to a TV.

Could be this is the reason why we spend an average of one day in a week on smartphones unknowingly. Phones are getting to be a significant source of information and entertainment.

What makes the best App for TV shows?

Apps for TV shows are gaining popularity because of their convenience. To satisfy the ever increasing demand for TV show delivery, there is mushrooming of different Apps that provide TV shows to your phone. The applications are available for different platforms, be it IOS or Android. All you have to do is get a suitable device and make the choice of the best TV app to start enjoying your TV series on the go. Choosing the best TV show App can be a great dilemma. How do you go about it? Below are some of the factors that will guide you in selecting the best TV show app.

  • Affordability of content and flexibility of payment; the different Apps offer varied rates; thus you can choose that which suits your budget. Besides, there are also free Apps; hence everyone has something. If you opt for paid streaming services, then the payment plan and mode should be favorable.
  • Variety and quality of content; there are various genres of TV shows on MSN Watch online guide that you wouldn’t want to miss. The App that you select should offer you action, horror, romance and among other genres of TV shows to complete the perfect entertainment. Besides, the videos should be of the highest possible quality giving clarity and higher resolution.
  • Superb user experience. The App that you install for TV show should be easy to use by having a perfect user interaction. You should be able to adjust to your preferred mode and navigate through the available series without any trouble. Additionally, the App should offer uninterrupted streaming. Incidences of buffering should be minimal in the best TV show App that you install.
  • The ability to download and retain content: Many of the apps allow for HD streaming. On the downside, you cannot download the movies to watch later where there is poor network connectivity. If you are a person having limited internet access, then the best App for you is that which allows for downloads. However, copyright concerns are making it complicated.
  • Please get the latest series; it is prudent that you get an App that is endowed with the most recent TV show in the industry. It would be best if you were not left behind. The best App is that which is frequently updated with juicy content.

Best Apps for TV show 2019

This section is not necessary because you should be able to apply the above considerations to arrive at the best App. One may serve an individual perfectly but turns out to be limited to another person. Our interest and preference differ. Therefore, it is advisable that you self-examine your likes and make a choice depending on that. However, below are some of the highly rated TV show apps that you can use to stream the series on the go in 2019.

1. Netflix

Netflix has gained popularity since its inception in the early 2000s. It boasts of more than 158 million streaming subscribers’ post-2011. We can deduce that it is the quality of service that keeps the consumers loyal hence the impressive figures. It has many titles from different genres, and the consistency in producing a high-quality video on demand has seen it make a mark. The App has a version for both IOS and Android. There is a trial period of 30 days, after which, if you are satisfied with the services then you make a paid subscription.

2. Crackle

Sony crackle is one of the best TV streaming apps worth mentioning. It is available to persons residing in North America, South America, and Australia. The App harbors fantastic movies, TV series and anime; thus you will always remain entertained. Additionally, they also produce their content, and you will never lack a title to watch from this App. The organization of the series by genre allows for seamless navigation.

3. Hulu

Hulu is one of the best TV streaming applications that you can find today. Their dedication to customer entertainment and satisfaction is extraordinary. It has a well-equipped library, and you will enjoy watching the animations with your kids. There is something for everyone. You can also watch for free from affiliate site Yahoo Viewer.

Honorable mentions include Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, Tubi TV, and Xfinity. This is just but a guide which should never confine you. You can find the best app suit for your streaming needs. It is essential that you have the App to continue enjoying the new shows anywhere at will.


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