Allowing your kids to watch education movies is a better way to help in developing their visual memory, for a child to remember what they need to be watching educational films often.

As a parent or guardian, do you know about kids’ educational movies? Let that not worry you anymore. As today you will get to learn about them.

But before that, your kid may need some assistance. Academic success doesn’t come easily; you must invest. 

6 Fun Educational Movies for Kids

Here are the top education movies suggested by experts.

The Incredibles

Your child will, for sure, love “The Incredibles.” It is among the most-watched animated movies by children. The film was produced and directed by John Walker and Brad Bird, respectively.

Its release was in October 2004. The Incredibles is a superhero movie that educates children a lot.

What do Children Learn?

Other than reading books, a child needs to learn about social life. With this film, a child learns more about social life.

  • Teamwork – Working as a team is vital when you want to achieve success. Kids need to know about this at an early stage, and that’s what the Incredibles teach them.
  • Building Character – Many parents and teachers are after passing exams and ensuring a child knows everything they are taught. But as for this film, it shows one that character is primary.
  • Role Model – Mr. Incredible was a role model for his family. As a parent or guardian, you should know that kids look up to you every time. When they watch this movie, it educates about the importance of having a role model.
  • Being Passionate – A child can lose morale in learning a particular subject or do something. But that’s not the case; having a passion drives your interest and makes you not think about giving up.

Where to Purchase or Download Educational Movies

You can obtain the incredible movie from any local movie center or online on

The Story of Mankind

The story of humankind is a daring movie for many children and other parents. I am pretty sure that if you recommend it to your kids, they will love it.

This movie takes your children right from the origin of the universe educating your kid(s) how humankind evolved.

What Children Learn

  • History– the movie extremely focusses on great visuals that let your kid(s) understand the history of humanity.
  • Humility– the movie portrays the humble beginnings of humankind; thus, your kid(s) will have to grow up living humbly.
  • Appreciation– this movie will let your kids appreciate the nature of humankind and understand each other as we have the same origin.

Suitable Age for the Movie

The story of humankind’s movie is suitable for kids above eight years who can easily benefit from the film.

Finding Nemo

When this movie was rolled into the market, it never took a long time to be accepted by most families all over the globe. It revolves around a father looking for his lost son.

What Children Learn

  • Obedience- the initial chapters of the moves establish the importance of obeying parents. Your kids get the importance of following parents after seeing what Nemo goes through before he is found.
  • Brevity- the movies develop to a point where your children learn to be brave and stay courageous when faced with different difficulties.
  • Friendship-Finding Nemo movie teaches your kids to make friends and value those friends who come to their rescue when in trouble.

Suitable Age for the Movie

This movie can best be understood for kids above five years.

Toy Story 2

This is one of the most educational movies for kids that is animated. This movie was a follow-up of the original film with improved animation, which rejuvenated home movie watching.

What Children Learn

This movie lets your kid(s) take off books and learn the following virtues;

  • Loyalty and friendship– this movie deeply explains how to keep commitment and intimacy and the importance of doing so. This is achieved when the film expands on the meaning of a family.
  • Spirit of Association– the movie unfolds how the character ‘gala’ associates with the toys and takes them to be his family, although they don’t belong to the same set.

Suitable Age

The movie serves to educate kids above five years

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

As one of the most educational movies, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie is best for your children. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an animated film put forward by Walt Disney that stimulated the urge to watch animated movies that kept kids waiting for more.

What Your Kids Learn

This movie is suitable for toddlers and lets them learn their childhood characters even before they understand to read and write. The video has melodies that your kid(s) will find enjoyable.

Here is what they learn;

  • Discerning Good and Evil– the movie clearly illustrates why kids should avoid evil deeds and opt to do good.
  • Importance of a family- the movie instills the sense and cares of a family in the simplest way that your kids can understand.

Suitable age for the movie

Kids as young as three years will understand this movie.

The Lion King

I am sure if you have friends who might have watched this movie must have recommended it to you and your kids. The lion king movie presents a beautiful story accompanied by great animation and soft music that will let you kid(s) watch it over and over again.

What Your Kids Learn

  • How to overcome trouble– Simba is one of the characters in the movie that your kids will love as he grows, faces much trouble, and in the end, overcomes them all.
  • Friendship– your kids will understand the importance of love and companionship.

Suitable age for the movie

The kids aged above eight years will best understand this movie.


Different movies bring forward new life aspects for your kid(s). As a parent or guardian, you should watch some of these movies together with your kids so that you help them understand better the intended lesson. Children find it easy to learn from the film as they seem practical rather than reading books; thus, you need to find a good collection of movies.


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