Employees are essential to your business’s success. However, even if you hire the best people in the industry, a triumph is not guaranteed. All because people are people: they get distracted easily, their motivation can be too low, and their productivity can decrease.

It doesn’t mean that you should fire them and hire someone new, though. If you have good communication with your employees, you probably know how skilled they are and what is going on in their lives. If the reason for their low productivity is an uncomfortable work environment, personal problems, or health issues – talk to them and try to find a solution. You might even consider using some mentoring apps, such as Mentorcliq.com, that could help motivate them. And if it’s all because of bad management, don’t worry. You can change it for the better.

Here are the top 5 best software choices to improve employee productivity in your company. Read, download, and enjoy!

#1. Slack

Slack is the perfect software for collaboration, communication, and productivity. It’s packed with features you’ll make good use of.

It is the perfect platform for your employees to collaborate and share their ideas. It’s a huge deal, especially if your employees need to have their own space while working on a project. You can create as many channels as you want in Slack, and your team will be able to use them freely.

It also offers a powerful search feature. This means that you and your employees will never lose any important messages. 

Slack is great for communicating with your customers too. You can send messages to specific teams and channels. This way you can reach everyone, which will make customer service more efficient and convenient.

Slack is also sure to provide you with some handy apps and integrations, so you can get more out of it.

#2. Trello

Trello is one of the most popular software tools in the world, and it has millions of active users. Trello is free but offers a paid version called Trello Gold.

Trello is a great way for your employees to organize their tasks in a simple and efficient way. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a checklist or a simple to-do list – Trello will help your team always be on the same page and do their job right.

Trello is easy to use and very flexible, so it can be customized to fit your needs. It offers a great opportunity for your employees to take control of the project and stay focused throughout the whole process. Trello has won the hearts of millions of users for its simplicity, so it is definitely worth trying it out.

#3. Toggl

Toggl is one of the best time tracking software tools on the market. It’s free and highly customizable too. Toggl offers a ton of free features such as recording, reporting, invoices, and timesheets. However, the free version can only handle 3 projects with 5 clients each. If you want more, you can upgrade to the paid version which starts from $9/user/month.

Toggl is easy to use, as you can see from the image above. All employees have to do is install the app and start tracking their time right away. You can track time per project or in chunks of time per day – it’s all up to you! When it comes to reporting, Toggl will give you detailed insights on how many hours your team spent on each project. With this information, you’ll be able to solve issues easily and quickly.

#4. JIRA

JIRA is a top-notch software that was created for Agile teams. It’s easy to use and has a ton of features which will make your life easier. JIRA offers great project management capabilities as well as issue tracking, time tracking, and reporting. It also offers some other advanced features such as backlogs, scrum boards, and burndown charts. JIRA starts at $10/user/month and goes as high as $1 000/user/month, depending on your needs.

JIRA is easy to set up because it comes with its own setup wizard which guides you step by step through the process. JIRA has a lot of useful features which are sure to boost your team’s productivity, including:

  • A powerful tool for generating reports; 
  • A sophisticated search feature; 
  • A useful tool for creating custom reports; 
  • Personal due dates; 
  • The ability to collaborate with other teams; 
  • Time tracking; 
  • Issue tracking.

JIRA is one of the best software tools created for teams who work in agile environments. It offers countless features which help teams manage their time efficiently while also focusing on issues at hand rather than keeping track of all of them. With JIRA, you’ll manage issues easily and reduce your frustration with them every day!

#5. Doodle

Doodle is one of the most popular online scheduling platforms in the world, and it’s free too! Doodle allows users to shift schedules by dragging and dropping items without any hassle at all: all you need to do is prepare a few dates (including start and end time) for your meeting or event in advance and then invite people via email. The recipient will be given an option to choose an available date for the meeting or event – that’s how easy it is! This way, everyone will know when they are supposed to show up and offer their best performance every day!

Doodle also enables users to send an email stating that they can’t attend a scheduled meeting or event prior to that event’s start time (or after its end time) – which means that Doodle helps save your team’s time (no one has to leave work early or stay late just to make it on time). It’s also worth mentioning that Doodle offers a mobile app, so users won’t have any trouble with scheduling issues (and they’ll be able to stay on top of their game).


In times where almost everyone is addicted to social media platforms, finding the inner strength to focus on the tasks at hand and not miss any deadlines is certainly not easy. However, just because it is a challenge doesn’t mean that it cannot be made a little bit easier. 

That’s why we have prepared a list of the best tools that could help you improve the productivity of your employees. The internet doesn’t have to be a source of distraction – it could be beneficial as well, you just have to know where to look!


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