If you want to avoid getting banned by web servers while scraping data anonymously, it’s recommended to use proxies to access the Internet during web crawling or scraping. Most web crawling tools let you set proxy addresses to be utilized during data extraction.

Best Web Crawling Techniques

Web Scraping With Proxies

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between you and the Internet. Adding proxies to your scraping tool offers a lot of benefits. There are two most common types of proxies out there:

  • Residential proxy
  • Datacenter proxy

A residential proxy is a gateway that uses an IP provided by your ISP, while datacenter proxies are IPs assigned by a secondary corporation, not your ISP. Using a proxy for your web scraping project is secure and effective since it hides your scraping device’s IP address, keeping you from getting blocked by the target site.

Today, we’re going to show you different web scraping tools that can benefit businesses in saving resources and getting the job done a lot faster.

5 Best Web Scraping Tools


Import.io comes with a builder to form your personal datasets by importing the data from a specific webpage and exporting it to CSV. It lets you scrape hundreds and thousands of pages easily in no time, and the best part is it doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

You can also build over a thousand APIs based on your own requirements.


ParseHub is a great real-time web scraping tool. It’s designed to crawl multiple sites with full support for AJAX, JavaScript, sessions, redirects, and cookies. This application utilizes machine learning technology in order to identify the most complex documents on the Internet and generates your output file as per the specified data format.


Also known as CloudScrape, Dexi.io supports real-time web scraping from any site and requires no download. It comes with a browser-based editor and is able to extract data in real-time. The web crawler lets you save your collected data on cloud services like Box.net and Google Drive or export as JSON or CSV.


Scrapinghub is a popular cloud-based real-time web scraping and data extraction tool that helps you fetch valuable data in minutes. It uses Crawlera, which is a unique proxy rotator that can bypass bot counter-measures in order to crawl large or bot-protected websites easily.

You can further convert the entire page into organized content.

Oxylabs’ Real-Time Crawler

By far, Oxylabs’ Real-Time Crawler in the most robust and advanced real-time crawler/scraper on the market presently. Real-Time Crawler is backed by sophisticated infrastructure that takes care of even the most challenging sides of web scraping, and ensures effortless, 100% data retrieval success rates. Forget dealing with somewhat messy web scraping process itself, and instead, dive into already parsed data to get actionable insights. For more information on Oxylabs’ real-time web crawler, follow the link.

How Web Crawling/Scraping Tools Can Benefit Your Business

We all know how data plays a vital role in each aspect of a business. Many leading companies these days require different types of data in order to analyze and enhance their business. Some of these data include product details, visitor stats, email addresses, information concerning their competition, and so on.

These data sometimes need to be scraped or extracted from various sources. For instance, some businesses look for email addresses of other corporations or individuals so they can conduct a robust email marketing campaign. In cases like this, real-time web scraping benefits them in plenty of ways. Such web scraping tools can scrape websites, business directories, and even different social media channels to gather email addresses.

Therefore, web crawling tools benefit businesses by reducing the overall scraping time. Below are some key benefits you’ll get using a solid web scraping tool:

  • It boosts the data extraction accuracy
  • It reduces the time required to scrape large amounts of data from a single source
  • It’s faster than copying and pasting the data manually
  • You can collect online reviews for brand maintenance
  • It lets you extract data from various websites and compare them—this can be beneficial for developing an eCommerce website in any industry
  • Crawling tools are also helpful in SEO as they scrape organic search results data for competition analysis
  • You can extract tons of email IDs from several different directories
  • It can also be beneficial in lead generation by generating contact details
  • It’s always helpful to know public opinions on various topics
  • You can scrape product details from popular websites like Amazon
  • Finally, you can generate personal profile data from your targeted websites

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the best real-time web scraping tools in 2019.

As you can see, web crawling tools are a must if you seek success in your business. And we cannot stress enough how important it is to pick the right web crawling tool, as well as a proxy provider to ensure your web scraping procedures go smoothly as planned.

Which of the tools mentioned above is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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