Boat has been creating some good range of audio products for recent years now. With its new speaker- blending both smartness and sound quality in one, the company has raised the bar. Coming at a very affordable price, Boat Stone 700A is solid in design and brings so much on the table- looking at the price point. But, is it a worthy purchase? Let’s check it out in the Boat Stone 700A review below:

Boat Stone 700A review

Design and specification

A successor to Boat Stone 700, the Boat Stone 700A gets the same design almost and the specifications too. It doesn’t mean that there are no major changes- there are- but very less. Like, the big one being the Amazon Alexa support.

Now, you can connect to Alexa using the speaker button which turns on the microphone and you can give the command. You are not going the same experience as the Echo speakers, but it is still a nice add-on by Boat. Speak to Alexa.

For setting the device up, you can install the Boat Nirvana app which is available for both Android and iOS. You can pair the Stone 700A over Bluetooth and the speaker can use your Wi-Fi or smartphone data to bring Alexa on. So, Alexa will be handled by your smartphone and it has to be connected to an internet connection with Nirvana app.

Alexa works pretty fine with the device and it replied quickly after listening to the commands just like Amazon Echo. You can also listen to music from Amazon Prime if you have the Prime subscription. So, it makes it a smart speaker. On top of the device, you get five rubber buttons including power, Bluetooth pairing/ Alexa, play/ pause/ call answer, volume down, and volume up. At the left side of the speaker, there is a rubber flap which covers the Micro-USB port and an in-line socket. It makes the device water resistant with IPX6 protection. Sadly, there is no port which can enable you to insert an SD card and listen to music.

The Boat Stone 700A offers 10W sound output which comes from two 1.75-inch full-range drivers. The device comes with Bluetooth 4.2 and a 2,000mAh battery. The device can easily give you 7-8 hours of its performance on a single full charge. Moreover, the Boat Stone 700A is also claimed to be shock resistant device.


The Boat Stone 700A comes with 10W of sound output from the two stereo drivers under the hood. You don’t get the stereo effect though as the drivers are not far away. But, you get more than enough sound from the speaker- looking at the price point. The speaker is loud, sounds good, and gets the job done with no complaints.

Pairing it with a smartphone using Bluetooth and listening to music from Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music gives some good sound quality. We don’t expect much from it- all thanks to a pocket-friendly price point. Still, it sounds decently good.

The sound quality was loud and clean too which a nice job is done by the creators- keeping both things balanced. The bass is decent too and the mids were quite powerful with the sharpness it provides. The mids and lows are the strings where the device passed with the flying colors. But, at the highs sometimes it all became a little bit of shrill. So, trying to listen to the songs at 70-8- percent of volume and you won’t find any distortion in the highs.

Coming to the bass, the Boat Stone 700A sounds really good. But, as I mentioned earlier, keeping the 70-80 percent of total volume can give you the best of highs and bass too. The vocals sounded clearer at that stage. If you are having a little get together and a group party, then you can listen to music at full volume by placing it a tad bit far from the actual place. But, if you are a lone listener, try listening to it on lower volumes. In addition to this if you are looking for Swiggy Recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it.

Listening to different genres was fun and enjoying the experience with this speaker- all thanks to the neutral sonic signature and clean sound. Using the Boat Stone 700A for calling as a hands-free device, it turned out too good on both the ends- calling and receiving.

Final Verdict

Coming at the price point of Rs. 3,499, the Boat Stone 700A comes with some quality features which one will love for sure. Especially, the Alexa integration in the speaker, the decent sound, and the solidness of the device. Yes, you can straightly compare it to other smart speakers like Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot, but it has found its own track whole together. It is smart, loud and portable too. It is an interesting speaker device to have- no doubt in it- if you are holding yourself on a small budget. So, if you are looking for good design, good sound output- then this device might serve the purpose for you.


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