If you are a budding content creator, influencer, or a large business looking for the best social media management software to help you get more engagement on your page or account when you are busy, then this article is for you. To strengthen your online presence, you need to make sure that all your social media profiles are updated and optimized for greater visibility and reach but it can be challenging to do all of it without any professional expertise and that’s where tools like Buffer and Post Planner come into the picture. 

Buffer and Post Planner have managed to gather a great clientele by providing quality services at reasonable prices. But with so many mixed reviews on various sites, picking one might prove to be a Herculean task. But we have tried to make things a bit easier for you by comparing them on the basis of price, features, and customer satisfaction so you can easily get more engagement and grow your popularity on social media platforms with the help of the software that suits your needs the best!

  • Cost 

The very first thing that most businesses look for while choosing a social media management tool to manage their online presence is the price. Buffer provides a free version that can be used for only 10 posts per month which might be useful in giving any beginner a glimpse into the working and the services provided by this social media marketing tool. You can also purchase a package with the lowest one priced at $15(it includes 100 posts per month and allows up to 8 social media profiles) going up to $99 ( allows 6 users, 2,000 scheduled posts, and 25 social channels). Post Planner, on the other hand, does not offer a trial package but has a starter package priced at $4 per month which includes 300 scheduled posts and 3 social profiles for a single user, a solo package costing $12 per month(10 social profiles and 1000 scheduled posts for a single user) and a business package (25 social profiles, 5,000 scheduled posts and 4 users) which will cost you $24 per month but the billing will be done annually. So if you don’t mind paying annually, Post Planner seems to be a more economical choice. 

  • Features

While the main aim of both the tools is to get more engagement on your posts and grow your popularity on social media platforms, we’ll have a closer look to see in which aspects they perform better. Buffer can provide you with detailed insights, integration with other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Blogger for easy management and cross-promotion of your business. You can even get trending and most relevant hashtags by subscribing to the more expensive packages. 

Post Planner provides less complex and insightful reports related to your social media account by exporting and importing data and also provides excellent customer support to all its clients. So if you are a blogger looking for basic insights and some extra features to help you be more consistent on a platform, you can opt for Post Planner and save some bucks but if you are a small business looking for better insights and management of your accounts, then Buffer can be more helpful.

  • Customer satisfaction

The best way to decide which social media management tool is better is by observing and analyzing which of these tends to provide higher customer satisfaction and has a higher retention rate. While both the tools have user-friendly dashboards and decent customer service, Buffer seems to have an edge over Post Planner as it is not only easy to navigate but also has tons of resources, guides, and video tutorials in its vast knowledge base to help you get started on your own. Moreover, it also has offline customer care so you can always call them up to voice your concerns or get an answer to your queries without any worries regarding the software. While Post Planner does have online customer support, it doesn’t have any kind of introductory video or startup guide to help you navigate through the dashboard and software for the very first time.

After going through the points discussed above, you might have a lot more information to make a sound choice for your business. If we look at the kind of packages both these social media management tools provide, it won’t be wrong to say that they tend to cater to different requirements. If you are an influencer or content creator and don’t need to run large-scale campaigns for your self then Post Planner’s starter pack might be sufficient to get more engagement on your posts during your initial journey. If you own a small or large business and you want in-depth analysis and exhaustive reports that analyze past and current performances of your business across various platforms and help in optimizing your future content strategy then Buffer’s business plan can help you achieve all that and much more without breaking a sweat! 

Now that you have all the necessary information with you, decide on the tool which will help you grow your popularity on social media platforms and promote your brand efficiently without spending a fortune! 


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