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The importance of having a robust social media presence for building a successful brand cannot be stressed enough. Instagram has emerged as a crucial place to be for those looking to grow a company’s online visibility or become a content-producing celebrity.

After all, Insta is a platform with almost 2.4 billion active users, according to Demandsage. Having a large number of followers on Instagram translates to a higher level of exposure and engagement. 

Acquiring followers on Instagram is never easy and can be extremely time-consuming. Fortunately, though, there’s a shortcut. Some of the difficult work of finding potential new followers and convincing them to hit the “follow” button can be avoided by purchasing IG interactions like followers.

When done the right way, buying Instagram followers is safe and triggers organic growth on the social media channel. Increasing an account’s number of followers can also help in promoting brand authenticity and trust. This is because people identify easily with pages that boast a high number of followers.

It’s also crucial to patronize safe and trusted sites. Here are the 6 top sites to buy Instagram followers.

The Best 6 Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

Buying more Instagram followers is only effective and safe when patronizing reputable sites. And the most important factor to consider is whether a service delivers “real” followers who have real accounts on the app, or “fake” followers that are generated with bots and site hacks. 

Real followers spark account growth because they tell Instagram’s algorithms that an account is rapidly becoming more popular and its content deserves increased visibility. By contrast, adding fake followers doesn’t fool the algorithms, which can quickly detect and delete those fake interactions. Often, they delete the account using them, too.

All of these sites deliver 100% real Instagram followers.

1. Twicsy 

Most users looking to buy real followers consider Twicsy a top choice. The provider has been doing business for more than ten years, delivering real Instagram followers, likes, and video views to hundreds of thousands of customers.

Buy Instagram Followers

Twicsy can deliver as few as 100 real followers or as many as 20,000, all delivered virtually immediately. They also have the option of upgrading to “active” followers that carry more weight with Instagram and deliver better results.

The website is easy to use, it takes only a minute to place an order, and the followers arrive just minutes after that. Twicsy uses encryption and secure servers to fully protect customers’ private information, and they have an expert support team available 24 hours a day. Most important of all, they deliver superb organic growth that leads to more popularity and importance on Instagram.

2. Buzzoid 

Buzzoid was founded in 2012. Since then, it has emerged as one of the Internet’s most trusted providers of high-quality Instagram followers. Buzzoid never uses bots or site hacks to generate followers; they always deliver 100% real followers who follow you from their own real IG accounts. Accounts are always safe when using Buzzoid followers.

Buy Instagram Followers

There are eight packages of followers available at very reasonable prices, with another eight packages of premium followers (like Twicsy’s active followers) also available for a small upgrade charge. The latter followers work even better than Buzzoid’s standard high-quality ones. Delivery is fast and reliable.

No IG password is ever requested when you order from Buzzzzoid, so your account remains just as safe and secure as your personal information, which is safeguarded from hacks and leaks. Customer service is on duty 24 hours a day and deals with all questions quickly and efficiently.

3. Rushmax

When it comes to purchasing a large number of real Instagram followers in a very short time period, Rushmax is an excellent choice. More than 100,000 social media influencers have used Rushmax’s services.

Small accounts can also find the right package of real followers from Rushmax as well, as their offerings start at just 100 followers for less than three dollars. Of course, there are packages for all sizes of accounts, including a whopping 20,000 real followers that are perfect for influencers. All of Rushmax’s prices are right around the same as those charged by other trustworthy services delivering real followers.

Delivery is fast and efficient, just like Rushmax’s ordering process, and customer support is available day and night.

4. InstaPort

InstaPort is becoming widely known for providing top-quality, real Instagram followers that produce large audience growth and increases in organic followings. Delivery is fast, and you can also purchase video views and likes if you’d like to speed up the growth process even more.

Packages of 100-20,000 authentic followers are available from InstaPort and it takes only a minute or two for you to order and see your interactions start arriving. And prices are fair and easy on the budget. You can’t do much better than that. 

InstaPort uses full encryption techniques and secure servers to protect its clients’ data, and customer support is knowledgeable and fast to respond. Best of all, the real followers delivered by InstaPort provide strong Instagram account growth.

5. SocialPrestige

SocialPrestige has also been delivering real IG followers for quite a while, but there’s a reason that they’re lower on this list than the Twicsys and Buzzoids of the Instagram world. Their prices are generally higher than most reputable Insta services, delivery is often slower, and they can only deliver a maximum of 10,000 followers rather than the 20,000 followers that’s the standard these days.

SocialPrestige (and our final recommended service) will provide you with growth for your Insta account, and their followers are all real. We’d call them a good “backup” service.

6. IWantMoreFollowers 

Don’t we all? This cleverly-named service won’t provide you with fake followers that can hurt your Instagram presence, and they’ll spur some organic growth for your account. They’re not the best choice for large account owners, though, since they can only deliver a maximum of 5,000 real followers and they can take as long as 24 hours to finish your order.

Again, not bad as a backup, but you can do better for your favorite provider.


Running a business involves having a strong online presence on social media to attract customers. Regardless of the industry, having a lot of followers on Instagram is hugely beneficial. Buying Instagram followers is the best way to gain more followers on the social media platform.

However, the reliability of the service provider is important to consider. The above sites are trustworthy suppliers because they always supply real followers that will never endanger your account. Before buying from any service, be sure that they’ll be providing you with real followers and not ones created with bots.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Yes, buying Instagram followers is completely safe if you use trustworthy sites that only sell real followers. Problems only arise if you deal with a scammy site that sells fake followers; in that case, you could wake up the next day to find that your account has been deleted from the platform.

2. Can higher Instagram followers and likes promote my business?

Yes, having a higher number of followers and likes can promote any business. This is because IG accounts with a lot of followers have greater visibility, and because users on the social media platform tend to follow accounts that already have large followings or fan bases. Higher visibility often facilitates a higher level of engagement, meaning you’re more likely to see new leads or sales as you become more popular on Instagram. 

3. How many Instagram followers should I buy?

There’s no simple answer to that question, but influencers say the best approach is to purchase packages that generally match the size of your account. In other words, if you have about 100 followers for your IG account, it would make sense to buy 100 real followers from one of these services; buying 10,000 or 20,000 followers would look unnatural to Instagram and they might put a temporary hold on your growth. On the other hand, if you have 100,000 followers, buying 100 or 250 followers wouldn’t make much of a dent; that’s when buying 10,000 or 20,000 real followers makes more sense.



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