Why are Instagram views important?

Your Instagram video’s views, just like any other engagements, influence the growth of your account. With more views, your credibility and relevance will increase — attracting more users to follow you. The views can also help you stand out among other video posts. With Instagram’s algorithm, it is important to have more engagements as possible since popular posts are what receive better exposure, thus, getting better opportunities to increase the account’s growth.

I just started my Instagram account, can I already buy views?

Of course. Services like this are meant to help those who are just starting with Instagram and having a hard time gaining exposure. Growing your brand organically is no doubt a challenge and a small nudge, like buying Instagram views, will give you that boost. 

Is buying Instagram views legal?

Buying Instagram views is 100% legal. However, you need to look out for companies who use bots and fake accounts for their services. A bot is a software that is programmed to conduct repetitive tasks online in a short period. The use of bots is a violation of Instagram’s Terms of Use that can result in your account getting shadow-banned. It will prevent your account from reaching a wider audience. 

So, what you need to do is transact with reputable companies that use real Instagram accounts for their services. Some companies can even ensure you that the accounts will be able to engage with your content which is a plus.

How much do Instagram views cost?

Prices vary depending on the company and the package that you pick. The more money you pay, the more views you get. The best online companies also provide 24-hour support to their customers. 

How long does it take before I see results? 

The results can be as fast as only minutes after your approval. It may vary for different companies, but availing from these service providers is the fastest way you can gain results in boosting your following, likes, and views.

Where can I buy real Instagram views?

With just a search on the internet, you will be able to find websites of companies where you can buy Instagram views. You just have to be careful in which company to choose so your views are organic and not merely bots. Bots may make you feel like you’ve gained real results as it crunches up the numbers, but in reality, it’s not really a gain since what you want, whether you’re a social media influencer or content creator, are real followers who can be your potential loyal followers who would really engage with you and may share the same interests with you.


If you are willing to pay for it, then there is no harm in buying Instagram views as well as other engagements. You have a goal and desire. What’s important is making the process easier and faster whenever you can especially when there’s no potential harm. So here’s to becoming successful in achieving the social media goals you’ve set.


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