When faced with a sea of running shoes, picking just one out of this massive collection might not be the easiest of tasks. Furthermore, going for the wrong type of running shoes might leave you uncomfortable and at the risk of sustaining foot injuries. However, with the right guidance and information, choosing the right running shoes doesn’t have to be difficult as it seems. This piece is a guide on how to choose the right running shoes just for you.

Maximum support running shoes

If you are looking for running shoes that offer the best support and control to your body, then maximum support running shoes are the best options for you, and professionals from Asics stores in Australia agree. They are also designed such that they reduce pronation. Pronation in the simplest of terms, describes the way your foot rolls and falls when you walk and run.

Maximum support running shoes are made from the kind of materials that give your body the best support and balance it needs. Through Asics sales you can get various types of maximum support running shoes for you. Loom Footwear is also well known for making the best quality running sneakers made with vegan material. This vegan material is sourced from the best eco-friendly farms around the world. Loom is engineered and designed in a way that it provides the maximum comfort and support to your feet, prevent any extra pressure on them and keep them lightweight. Loom is the pair of shoes everyone should have in their cupboard! Waterproof, breathable and on top of all, vegan friendly. You definitely want to check out to these vegan sneakers! 

Structured cushioning running shoes

They are also known as stability shoes, and they offer excellent cushioning on one hand and great motion control on the other hand. Structured cushioning running shoes might not be as heavy as maximum support running shoes; nevertheless, they still offer amazing support. Structured cushioning shoes are the most popular category of running shoes.

Cushioning shoes

Cushioning shoes are also known as neutral shoes, and they usually come without any form of motion control features. They are also exceptionally light Cushioning shoes are great options for neutral foot types. There are different Asics shoes for sale that are cushioning shoes.

How do you pick the right running shoes?

Going for the right running shoes for you doesn’t end with knowing the different shoe types; there is more! It is awesome to know running shoe types, but it is much better to know the running shoe types that are suitable for your feet. This means that you know what type of feet you have.

There are three major foot types. They include:

  • Low arch
  • Normal arch
  • High arch

You might be wondering how you will go about finding out what type of foot type you have before heading for one of the AU Asics stores; here is how!

Finding out the type of feet you have just got easier with the wet test. All you need to do is put the base of your feet in water and stand on heavy paper for about 10 seconds. When you get off the paper, whatever shape appears on it depicts your foot type.

Important things to note about the wet test

  • In the event that the shape your foot forms shows most of your foot without much of a curve, you have a low arch. Usually, shoes that have more stability are recommended for this type of foot.
  • You have a normal arch If there is a peculiar curve along the inside of your foot with a band a little less than half the width of your foot connecting the heel and your toes. Majority of the runners with this type of foot can wear any type of running shoe.
  • Note that in the event that you discover a very noticeable curve along the inside of your foot and a very thin band connecting your heel and toes, you have a high arch. The best running shoe option for you would be one that is well-cushioned.  

Types of pronation and their corresponding running shoes

Severe overpronation: This is a type of pronation in which heel hits the ground first and rolls inward in an excessive manner because the ankle is unable to stabilize in a proper way. This type of pronation is commonly found with someone with a flat foot or a very low arch. The best running shoes for people that overpronate are motion control shoes.

Neutral pronation: Neutral pronation entails the striking of the ground by the middle or outer portion of the heel and the slight inward rolling of the foot for the purpose of shock absorption. This type of pronation is common to people with a medium arch. What type of running shoes are best for this type of pronation? Neutral cushioning shoes.

Under pronation: This is also known as supination. Under pronation happens in such a way that the outside of the heel hits the ground first and people who possess this type pf pronation stay on the outside of their foot in course of the entire foot strike. This is common to a person with a high arch. The best running shoes for Under pronators are neutral cushioning shoes.

Asics Australia online stores are notable for having the best running shoes for your kind of pronation.


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