Reseller hosting allows you to resell your server to other customers. It is a great chance to make a profit. A VPS Reseller Platform allows you to build as many cloud resources as you need. You can speed up your reseller business using a White Labeled VPS management platform. One such leader in the world of cloud hosting who provides such a service is CloudCone.

CloudCone cloud hosting is best known for its quality solutions and services for business hosting. Its reseller hosting is also an excellent choice for people who want to start their own website hosting and business with their own brand but benefit from the advanced CloudCone technology. All the tools you need to build your own hosting company will be provided by CloudCone like White labeling features, Partner Dashboard to manage resources, and access to the CloudCone API to integrate any third party billing panel like WHMCS. 

CloudCone VPS Reseller Platform Features

CloudCone VPS Reseller Platform offers low-cost cloud resources for small and medium-sized businesses. It includes features such as automated backups, snapshots, scalable resources, shareable end-user VPS management page links, recipe templates, a firewall, and much more.

1) Partner Dashboard

Partner Dashboard

CloudCone dashboard is used to deploy and manage the resources ordered through your partner account. The partner dashboard can easily control all aspects of your reseller business and the VPS of your client. You can also create, destroy, rebuild, shutdown, boot, reboot, suspend and disconnect your client’s virtual servers using this fully-fledged platform. A reseller can easily scale up and down the assigned resources of a virtual server using the control panel of that particular server.

The dashboard also enables the reseller to view important statistical data on CPU usage, RAM, storage, IOPS and activity logs. In short, the partner dashboard allows you to view and manage your clients, understand your partner tier, and contact the CloudCone team that supports you as a partner.

2) White Labeled Branding

White Labeled Branding

CloudCone provides white-labeled hosting, which can be a great addition to your existing business or even a way to start your own hosting company without mentioning CloudCone. This white-labeled solution enables you to scale your business in a variety of ways, quickly and securely. The End-user UI is fully customizable with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to give your client’s screen a unique look and feel.

The most significant advantage is that white labelled Reseller Hosting does not necessitate advanced technological knowledge on your part. The web hosting provider handles all technical requirements, such as server maintenance and management.

3) Billing Integration & API

Billing Integration & API

To easily and efficiently bill your customers, the CloudCone VPS Reseller platform offers API access to integrate any third party billing of your choice like WHMCS. It is a one-stop hosting solution for handling Billing and Support ticket requests. With the CloudCone API and the billing panel of your choice you are able to automate a number of client management tasks including Create, Terminate, Suspend, Unsuspend, and Upgrade/Downgrade behaviour.

With the API, you can use all features of, server management and billing functionality in one place. All financial transactions, including new order payments, overdue billing and notifications, renewals and termination requests, as well as a slew of other features including plan upgrades and downgrades, admin functionality, and metrics, are handled by the billing module.

4) Automated Backups and Snapshot

Automated Backups and Snapshot

The idea behind backups is that you can restore, redeploy, or otherwise access your data in case of malware attack or data loss. But doing a manual backup requires a lot of time and effort. However, you won’t have to think about manual backups anymore if you use automatic backups or the Snapshot feature. CloudCone’s Automated Backup service provides a simple way to provide full backups of your VPS on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can set it up through the Partner Dashboard for your clients, and they can enable and disable it straight through the white labeled end-user VPS management page.

Alternatively, they can enable snapshots, to preserve the current state of your Cloud VPS. When you take a snapshot, an image of the disk at that time is created. When you restore the snapshot, you get the same state of your VPS when you created the snapshot. Your clients get full control of these features through the white labeled end-user VPS management page.

5) Firewall

A firewall helps your clients safeguard the VPS from unauthorized access. Your customers can manage firewall rules right through the end-user VPS management page, allowing them to control the overall traffic of the VPS. A firewall allows you to control traffic on any incoming UDP or TCP ports. You can also sell it as an add-on feature to your clients with mark-up. 

6) Shareable End User VPS Management Page

Generate shareable links that allow your clients to access the white labeled VPS management page which gives them full control of their VPS. You can simply copy the link and share it with your client to instantly allow access. The link is totally secured by a unique token; if no activity is detected for an hour, that token will expire automatically.

7) Excellent Support

CloudCone ensures that your website will always be online. It offers 24/7 Fully Managed Support. CloudCone technical experts are available via Chat or email. Most of the time, support engineers will respond to your request every day within a few hours.

Wrapping Up:

If you are looking for a cloud hosting service provider that has a good reputation, great features and offers solid performance and customer support, then CloudCone Hosting is the one for you. If you want to host your reseller platform on a secure platform, they are the perfect solution for you.


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