With technology aiding in all works of life and in all forms of business, proptech is beginning to gain a larger foothold in the property market, with companies increasingly integrating the solutions into their strategies going forward. But it’s not just something that can be added in and integrated with houses on a development and investment level. In fact, there are a ton of different internet-friendly proptech options available to consumers that they can buy and add into their home extremely easily, removing wires and gaining more control over their homes in the process. 

Interested in how you can update your property in 2020, and future-proof it for years to come? Take a look at this quick list of consumer proptech products that you must have in 2020.  

Smart LED lighting 

Smart LED lighting is a great, small upgrade that you can do to your bulbs, but it will make quite the impact on your home. Aside from the stylish aspect of them, being able to change colour and glow/dim on command (literally on command if you have the connected smart assistant) you can also set them to automatically come on in the mornings and off in the evenings, helping you along the way with your daily schedule. 

A smart lighting solution is also perfect if you’re living in a small, compact apartment, maybe within an urban environment or city, and want to change up the look and feel without having to lug around your furniture and move things drastically before inevitably having to move them back through a lack of room. With colour changing LEDs, for example, you could shift the vibe for a party, or move it to so mood lighting if you want to relax after a long day at work.  

Did you know? The sorts of properties discussed above, small, compact and central in a city, are rising in popularity in cities across the UK, such as Liverpool and Manchester. Property investment company RWinvest are working to provide the flats of tomorrow to investors wanting to secure themselves a prime spot that will soar in value over the coming years, and to ensure that they attract a tenant when completed, investors should also consider installing these proptech innovations. 

Smart security solutions

Everyone wants to and deserves to feel safe in their own home, and that’s why a smart security solution is the perfect contraption for giving peace of mind to those who want to protect themselves in the easiest and most manageable way possible going forward. 

Rather than having long wires trailing all over the place and video tapes/discs to record onto, modern CCTV security cameras simply pair up to a smartphone app using your Wi-Fi. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to keep emptying the footage on the cameras once they get full, but you can even access them whenever you want, checking who is in the house when you’re away on holiday or in work. 

Smart thermostat

Smart thermostat installations are the huge quality of life improvement for your home, and many people months after upgrading will wonder how they got by without them in the first place. 

This technology, much like most other smart home proptech innovations, also helps with energy efficiency and cost, too. Not only can these devices be set on timers in order to turn on and off in the morning and evening, but if you’re out of the house and want the heating on before you get home, you can turn on the heating remotely and go from there.  


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