Most of the people have cheated in schools at least once. This is a fact! We can never deny the fact that there was a time in our student life where we tried to look in our classmate’s paper or tried to cheat in another way.

Your perspiration draws a map on your face. Your heart beats fast. Your nerves are showing. Well, this is how it feels like when you are cheating. You are afraid to be caught by your professor. Well, many have never mastered this skill, but below you will see creative ways students cheat these days.

Creative Ways Students Cheat These Days

1. Using your calculator

Calculators are available in most classes, especially in Math ones. They are very helpful in solving difficult math problems and equations. So, how can this tool be useful for cheating? For students who want to try this especially in your math class, you can simply use your pencil to write the formula. In math subject, unlike other subjects, if you know what the formula is, you have 50 percent knowledge and solving it using your knowledge will help you to get a high score. You can use the cover of the scientific calculator so that if your teacher tries to check your calculator, you will be safe. Why a pencil? A pencil is the safest ink you can utilize, so at any moment you have to delete it or change it, you may actually do so.

2. Have someone do your homework

Students cheat not only in class but with homework, too. Actually, it is even more common. Some just ask their friend or schoolmates to help while some hire professionals to handle their assignments. You can find many college essays for sale ads online and a huge number of students actually benefit from these services. How these services work: all you need to do is to give them the details of your assignment, make the payment and wait for a paper to hit your email. Many students find these services very useful, although it is basically cheating.

3. Using Pens to conceal secret notes

Unlike your palm or nail which has limited space, this secret note container could be very spacious. There are so many things you can write, especially if your exam needs explanation or discussion. So, how to use this cheating trick? First, get a piece of paper and write everything you need, after that, dismantle the pen and simply put the note inside along with the ink chamber. Now, fix the pen from its original position and now, you are ready to cheat!

The danger of this cheating trick is that it takes time and effort because you have to make sure that your teacher is not roaming around the room because if they do, you can’t even use this trick.

4. Using UV and invisible ink

Ultra-violet and invisible ink can be very useful materials for cheating. All you have to do is to write the possible answers on the paper you will be using (just pray that you will not be using test paper). This will definitely help you to get good mark without suspicion.

5. Using Handkerchief

Students are using a handkerchief. They are very useful especially during sunny days and it gives a nice vibe as a student. Like what I have mentioned, in cheating, you can use as many resources as possible for your advantage. So, how will you use handkerchief? You can simply use this to cover a paper you prepared to cheat or you can write the possible answers on your handkerchief. This will not raise any suspicious smell from your classmates and teacher. If you haven’t done doing this, you can try this to master your cheating skills.

Well, cheating is bad in all aspect. We are not encouraging anyone to cheat but if your situation left you with no choice, we are leaving the decision on your hands.


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