Anyone who sells goods or services over the Internet and is familiar with the basic principles of email marketing, knows well that these two conditions, at a particular stage of your business, are necessary and can directly affect the profit and development of the company as a whole. For every email marketer, regardless of their experience, it is equally essential to compile a database of emails for the target audience correctly, and of course to have an effective email address validation software to competently optimize the process.

The Email Address Database is the Main Element of the Mailing List

Today, the number of existing email addresses, according to approximate calculations, is approaching 6 billion, but a significant part of them are useless for mailing for various reasons. That is why, as well as to increase sales, create credibility and get more customers, each expert advises you to create a subscriber base that will become a considerable resource, ensuring your successful presence in the market.

The database consists of the email addresses of users who have voluntarily subscribed to your website to receive timely updates via email. This approach allows you to stay in touch with existing and potential customers regularly constantly. You will be able to send emails about the publication of a new article, book release, or ads related to new products and special offers, as well as share new knowledge that users are interested in.

But in the existing database, it may regularly appear “pitfalls” in the form of useless email addresses, which leads to banal errors with mailing lists, this is not possible when properly thought-out email marketing. You need to verify email addresses more often so that the mailing list is useful and correctly displayed on all devices, proving the functionality of your addresses. You can use an email validation software for that, such as

Clean Your Database More Often

Addresses continuously disappear from the database, are blocked, or stop being active, but this is a natural process. The main thing is to delete inactive addresses clearing the database in time, so that don’t get sending errors and spoil your statistics. There are several reasons why your email addresses are inactive, this:

  • You incorrectly recorded email address when collecting data offline and did not notice that the subscriber made an error when filling out the form;
  • The operator made a mistake not understanding the handwriting;
  • The existing database is quite old and has not been updated for a long time;
  • You have purchased a ready-made database with a generalized set of contacts, which can be considered a losing option in advance because it must at least belong to your target audience; otherwise, there is no guarantee that the email owners are the specified people or companies.

Be careful when working with the database, and then you can use all its advantages. You can control the list of email addresses and be sure that the recipient is guaranteed not to miss a letter, and have the ability to segment subscribers according to different parameters. All this will ultimately have a positive impact on increasing revenue.


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