A perfect home portrays your personality and showcases your traits, which are inclined towards your perfection. Living in a technologically advancing world and being obsessed with Pinterest and many other home decor apps, we wish to design our home in an amazing and organized way as per the virtual analogies. 

A person desires to build his house to make it look astonishing, lively, calm, and a worthy place to live, but one must not forget that satisfaction is something you should achieve after you are finally done with all the interior/exterior decoration of the house.

So, in order to make the most out of the space available in and around your house, there are some considerations to be looked upon, which will lead to the creation of a flawless and faultless abode.

‘How and What’ are the two interrogatives which I will answer one after the other to give you clear insights on designing a perfect home. Let’s get started:

‘What’ does it mean to have a Perfect Home?

The primary thing to pay heed to is that your home makes you feel perfect in all ways. It hardly matters what others perceive, it’s you who is going to spend a lifetime breathing in an environment which you wished.

# Define your Style

Your taste of choice might be different a few years back as it’s obvious that humans’ preferences change often and frequent both. The same would be the case with your house interior aesthetics. If earlier you loved a dark theme, now you would choose a light tone, if you loved the feel of curtains, now maybe you would go modern by embedding stylish window shields or sun-shades.

The gist is, display everything that predicts your style modestly and fashionably and those which keep you contended.  

# Work on/with what you Possess

Rationally, not all are well-established financially and fulfill their every want to decorate your living space. So why not focus on the existing style pieces and rearrange them in a more adorable way. 

The broken china plates can be crafted in your own art and hung on the walls, your less occupied bookcase can be transformed into a classy cabinet; moreover, you can go for showcasing your ancestral keepsakes that would add a touch of antiqueness.

# Be a Differential Copycat

Certainly, not all can hire professional home designers if you think of remodeling your house. So, play wise and pick ideas from people’s houses who have made their home built from an expert.

Pick their brain ideas, measure out your space, analyze the creative finds, and implement the best in a budget-friendly way. Seek help from e-magazines, web images, social media, etc. and be a copycat that copies to take ideas but applies it all differently.

Be your own interior decorator, and craft things on your own! Consider taking up online design courses from National Design Academy.

‘How’ can I Model a Perfect Home?

It may take a lot to blend your home redefining every element you possess, or it may take nothing to redesign your abode, giving the perfection as done by an interior designer. The choice is yours, which surely depends on your budget, of course, and your perception and creativity.

Here, let’s get familiar with some effective ways to turn your existing house to a desirable Home, making it worth living and life spending place.

Let’s cover each part of the house one by one and room by room, reflecting the modern architecture and designs of the present-day homes.

# Entrance and Hallway

Presently, people tend to believe in the saying ‘Less is More’. 

Its the time, where people want their storage areas to be tucked away out of vision and packed up in the most efficient way to be streamlined, giving a neat and tidy look. 

Entrance and Hallway

Image source: architectureartdesigns.com

The idea is to take as much space possible even out of the confined areas. So, make your entrance get a feel of extra space, get the cabinets out, and make people witness large walk-in closets. 

Heading towards the hall, it must give you a feel of a peaceful place where every decor element, furniture piece, flower vases, and many others, be rightly aligned with the aura of the room. Go for light tone paints, matching wooden furniture, some artistic paintings, big flower pots or real plants, and fragrant candles, which adds enough to a sophisticated hall room.

Decor elements can be reused somehow, but if you are looking to replace your furniture, go for renting some valuable furniture elements as renting is the new buying.  

# Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen remains to be the heart of the home, which needs to be the most managed, clean, and well-organized site in the whole house as it occupies to be the place where people cook, eat, gossip, and visit/see one another frequently. And, if the dining area is adjacent to the kitchen, then one must take deep care of the surroundings.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Image source: tcdconstruction.co.uk

If in case you are planning of renovation, go for styling your modular kitchen with the facility of expansive island dining tables, which offers multi-use space in the area and gives it a lavish outlook. 

Its recommended to add some plants and flowers to your setting of the kitchen space as they spread liveliness and positivity, take care of the kitchen fixtures and make them invisible, and for having custom-tiled backsplashes.

# Bedrooms

You might possess spacious bedrooms while some might have restricted room in their mains. People with good space should maintain the feel of a bedroom and let it remain open and breathable. I would say, big rooms must be only highlighted with some signature pieces, paintings, giving a green environmental touch.


Image source: decoist.com

Also, one must choose soothing wall colors and go with the option that feels easy on the eyes. This is the location where you sit, breathe lightly, and are in the mode of relaxation, so a bedroom must be able to enhance all these with its simplicity and couture.

For limited space bedrooms, go for some built-in storage solutions where you get walk-in closets and tables that cover the minimum of room and offers the maximum in usage. 

Where-in you have no option to remodel things in your bedroom; nevertheless, want to have tidy the messed up things, go for opting customized shelves which gives a much-desired minimalist look.

# Living Rooms and Family Rooms

The most used are of a home that needs heavy maintenance, especially when you live together with kids and grandparents. As it’s an area in a maximum of utilization, add textures and flooring wisely, keeping in mind its preservation and resistance to reconstruction.

Living Rooms and Family Rooms

Image source: nimvo.com

Furniture, TV set, rugs, gaming system, clock act as the necessities of such rooms while making the fixtures barely visible and enhancing the lighting to give people an excuse to stay there for long and have prolonged fun and get-togethers.

Furniture selection must be a wise choice here, and one must consider placing a signature sofa set that fits well as per the available space and other multi-purpose chairs/tables, which adds value in all ways.

As renting is much preferred these days, go for checking out sofa on rent in Mumbai, signature sofas on rent in Delhi, etc. where one can get these facilities at disposal, especially in metropolitan cities.

# Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Bathrooms today are places that have seen serious upgradations with a motive of encouraging relaxation and feel more like a worthy place.

Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Image source: houzz.com

Here is what all you can include while reconstructing the bathroom place to keep in pace with the ongoing trends: deep soaking tubs, tone-on-tone color scheme, adding natural elements (either real or artificial), marble tops and floors, and exquisite fittings and lightings.

If your bathroom imbibes natural sunlight, it’s an add on as exterior natural light will magnify the beauty of the interior setups, giving it an eccentric look and feel.

# Outdoor Space

Outdoor Space

Image source: housewashingexperts.com

Do you know the latest fashion update on outdoor designing?

It’s how well you balance and blend your Outdoors with the Indoors!

Just as the interiors are significant in embracing the beauty of a residence, likewise, exterior space also stands high importance in completing the real worth of a home. Patio doors connecting the house, large floor-to-ceiling windows, metalled/wooden matching floors with the interiors, mini courtyards with well-maintained gardens, all these enable families to expand their entertainment space.

The outdoors of a house comprehensively add to the beauty of your highly designed indoors, marking significant importance in the eyes of a viewer.


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