Currently there are different programming languages to develop on the web, these have been emerging due to the trends and needs of the platforms. How to know which one to use? Which one is the best? There is a difference in them?

Since the beginning of the Internet, different demands were arising for users and solutions were given by static languages. As time went by, technologies were developed and new problems arose to solve them. This resulted in the development of dynamic programming languages for the web, which would allow users to interact with each other and use database systems.

Different Web Development Languages

HTML language

Since the emergence of the internet, websites have been published thanks to the HTML language. It is a static language for the development of websites (acronym in English of HyperText Markup Language). Developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Files can have extensions (htm, html). It allows to describe hypertext, text is presented in a structured and pleasant way, you do not need great knowledge when you have a web page editor, it is easy learning language, and is supported by all browsers.
Javascript language

This is an interpreted language, it does not require compilation. Mainly used in web pages. It is similar to Java, although it is not an object-oriented language, it has no inheritance. Most of the browsers in their latest versions interpret Javascript code.
It is safe and reliable scripting language. The script has limited capabilities, for security reasons. The Javascript code runs on the client.

PHP language

It is a programming language used for the creation of a website. PHP is a recursive acronym that stands for Personal Home Page.

PHP is a scripting language interpreted on the server side used to generate dynamic web pages, embedded in HTML pages and executed on the server. PHP does not need to be compiled to run. For its operation you need to have Apache or IIS installed with the PHP libraries. Most of its syntax has been taken from C, Java and Perl with some specific characteristics. The files have the extension php.

ASP language

It is a server-side technology developed by Microsoft for the development of dynamic websites. ASP means Active Server Pages. Web pages developed under this language is necessary to have Internet Information Server (IIS) installed.

ASP does not need to be compiled to run. There are several languages that can be used to create ASP pages. The most used is VBScript, native of Microsoft. ASP can also be done in Perl and Jscript (not JavaScript). The ASP code can be inserted along with the HTML code. The files have the extension asp. Use Visual Basic Script, being easy for users and has optimal communication with SQL Server. It also supports the JScript language (Microsoft Javascript).

Python language

Python is usually compared with Perl. Users consider it a cleaner language to program. It allows the creation of all kinds of programs including websites.
Your code does not need to be compiled, so it is called that the code is interpreted. It is a multi-paradigm programming language, which forces programmers to adopt a particular programming style.

Ruby language

It is an interpreted language of very high level and oriented to objects. Its syntax is inspired by Phyton, Perl. It is distributed under a free software license (Opensource).

Ruby is a dynamic language for fast and simple object-oriented programming. For those who wish to get started in this language they can find an interactive ruby tutorial. Ruby can load extensions libraries dynamically if the Operating System allows it.
These are just the basics for the most used languages in web development today. If you are interested in more about them, visit Stoplight.


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