If you’re planning on doing a house move, chances are you’re probably wondering how you can fit your entire moving process into a busy schedule. After all, you might have to do things such as attend meetings, submit requirements, or do some personal errands while you’re fixing things for your move. And unfortunately, you might get too burnt out in the process. Why, you may even decide to just accrue some absences and get on with the move – but we don’t want that!

Interestingly, you can actually pull off a house move with the very tool you’re using to organize the entirety of your schedule. That’s right, it’s totally possible to make a digital house move thanks to your smartphones and other gadgets. Here are things you need to consider to make this work out for you:

  • Try to rely on video conferences and digital submissions. If you have to submit documentation in your new neighborhood, you can save time and money by actually opting for digital submissions instead. Various digital services allow you to put in digital signatures securely on documents that are still legal documents by the time you email or submit them to other organizations. Likewise, you can also start relying on video calls and conferences, especially when meeting with people like a moving and storage service not only to save time and money, but to also maximize the opportunity you have to fix your things. 
  • Organize and fix your inventory over in the cloud. Another integral part of the moving process you should consider is to ditch the need for a notepad or a journal to log your belongings. Instead, try to organize and fix your inventory over in the cloud. You can use spreadsheets and other organizational apps in order to take note of everything you own and other important data such as weight, quantity, and other notes that you may use throughout the move. That way, you can better decide whether you can keep these objects, or if it’s better for you to throw them away or sell them. Moreover, it’s important that you log these items as your movers might need this as a quick reference when creating a quotation for you. 
  • Use a calendar application to sync your moving timeline and regular routine. If you know your work or school might be affected by the move, try to use a calendar application to synchronize your schedule alongside your moving timeline. Thanks to various calendar applications, you can perfectly ensure that aspects of the move can only happen when you’re not busy with work or with your academics. That way, you’re sure that you won’t be hurting your professional life or your academic performance by the time you have to fix aspects of your move. A calendar application also allows you to log in important details to your moving process, such as pictures and other notes. 
  • Assign tasks to the household via group chats or group apps. If you have a lot of members in the household, you can communicate with everyone efficiently with group chats or group applications. That way, you can assign tasks to everyone even if you’re not at home, or even if they’re doing other things. Thanks to this kind of coordination, everyone can finish their tasks regarding the move much faster.
  • Opt for online purchases for your necessities. If you need to buy things such as packing materials, try to consider going for online shopping instead of going to the mall. Aside from saving gasoline and time, you won’t be interrupting your “flow” especially if you’re just packing or organizing things. Moreover, the fast-paced nature of online shopping allows you to get your materials as soon as possible and you can continue with the rest of your move. 
  • Hire some professional help to do the move for you. If you’re having trouble integrating your schedule into your move, you might want to hire professionals such as your best long distance moving companies to do the job for you. With their skillset, equipment, and expertise, they’ll be able to assist you with any kind of service you might need for your move. These may be in the form of full-service moves, or more specific kinds of services such as packing and storage. That way, you can worry less about your things getting lost or out of order, and you can rely on them to ensure that your package stays secure throughout the move. 

Digital House Moves: Here’s How You Should Do It

With the above things in mind, it’s important to remember that digital house moves are perfectly possible with just your smartphone and a little bit of ingenuity. Thanks to the right kind of planning, you may actually be able to perform your house move perfectly and without any form of hassle. Remember, you just need to make sure your plan is concise so you can follow it to the letter, and you’d be surprised that you’re fully prepared for your move! Good luck and have fun with your new home life!


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