Are you a homeowner who is looking for a way to increase the value of your home?

As obvious as options such as a kitchen refurb may be, have you thought about something that is a bit, well, smaller and less invasive? If you are looking for a simple way to increase the value of your home, it can be worth looking into chain door closers on your internal and external doors.

What Are Chain Door Closers?

For those who have no training in door fitting, chain door closers are mechanisms that are fitted on the internal side of a door that control the speed at which the door closes, as well as preventing it from slamming. You will need to ensure that the chain can sustain and support the weight of the door. So, head to a website that specializes in this area, such as

If this sounds like a home upgrade you are interested in, what are some of the things that you will need to know?

Noise Reduction

First and foremost, as these mechanisms are designed to control how quickly and how smoothly a door closes, the noise in your home will be reduced. As your home doors will not be able to slam, and there will be no banging from a breeze, the level of noise in your home will drop, making it a more desirable purchase for home hunters!

Get a Professional

A lot of people who are upgrading an area of their home want to opt for doing so with DIY, to save on a few pennies. However, when it comes to chain door closers, you will need to make sure that a professional installer fits it, to prevent damage to the door, the wall, and in general, your home! A poorly fitted mechanism can drive down costs more than having no mechanism!


A lot of the chain door closers that are available will allow you to choose between different settings, which will enable you to choose the speed and force that the door closes with. This enables homeowners (and installers) to fine-tune these mechanisms based on the size and weight of the door. Also, if you don’t want doors that take forever to close, this is something you will want to look into!


Like many home additions, you will need to perform regular maintenance on the doors and chains to ensure that they work as desired. This will include things such as applying lubrication to the moving parts once a month, performing tightening when needed, and, of course, making sure that there are no odd noises or jolty movements coming from the door closer when it is in use.

Back-Up The Closer

As many people opt for chain door closers for security, you will need to ensure that the mechanisms allow the doors to close and lock properly, as well as invest in other options. A homeowner who wants to boost their home’s security should indeed focus on the doors and windows but, instead of opting for a self-shut mechanism alone, should also look into door handles that auto lock, as well as external cameras and digital locks.



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