Backlinks indicate to Google that the content is worthy of its attention since it has been linked to other websites, delivering vital link juice to the post. Throughout your efforts to develop an online presence, you should strive to construct a healthy backlink profile to your homepage and specific content that you want to rank on Google’s first page. To put it simply, the more backlinks you produce, the better. But this is only true if you get your hands on some high-quality backlinks. However, as previously said, not all forms of backlinks are equal in importance. Self-created backlinks are less valuable than those obtained organically, however, this is not the only way we categorize backlinks. There are various more considerations you should make.

Backlinks with dofollow vs. nofollow

You may select whether or not your backlinks travel via so-called equity, often known as “link juice” if you own any type of website. A nofollow link does not convey equity, but a dofollow link does. On paper, the following connections are far more appealing. However, the quality of the linked website is crucial. Even no-follow links will supply you with high-quality benefits if it is sufficiently high.

Domain authority linking

The better the quality of the website from which you receive backlinks, the higher your website will be scored by Google Search engines. Links from spammy websites, on the other hand, may significantly damage your position.

Link Relevancy 

Google has algorithms that determine if a certain backlink is relevant to the content of your website and assigns suitable scores. Assume we are a candy factory, and our backlink originates from a candy store — it will be deemed good. However, if the backlink comes from a brick-and-mortar store, it will be classified as extremely poor. The higher the link relevance rating and the greater the likelihood of a better place in the Google Search ranking, the more related the two websites are.

Link Location

In this example, the term “location” does not refer to a physical location. So, what exactly does “link location” imply? This grade indicates how “optimal” or “relevant” the location of the backlink on our webpage is. In general, the higher the score, the more noticeable a backlink would be to a random user. A backlink put within a paragraph of any specific article, for example, would score better than a link placed at the absolute bottom of the webpage.

Link Number

Backlinks are unquestionably beneficial and vital, but we should be mindful of how many we put on any particular page. “More” does not automatically imply “better,” as it turns out. In reality, in the great majority of circumstances, having a small number of well-thought-out connections will perform far better than just having a large number of backlinks on a specific webpage. The golden rule is to prioritize quality over quantity.

Anchor Text

Finally, anchor text is worth examining. Anchor text is just the phrases that display the hyperlink within a specific piece of content. It may be used with any form of connection, such as inbound and outbound links. The key to getting a good anchor text rating is to write it with SEO guidelines in mind. If not every anchor word fits well, then utilise the suggested synonyms. In general, high-quality anchor text should be non-generic and topic-specific.

Backlinks are valuable for increasing your SEO and gaining an advantage in the SERPs, but only if you commit to the work of collecting them correctly. If you are thinking of obtaining some backlinks, and the team will provide the backlinks you need to fulfil your requirements. 



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